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The 3 Marketing Shifts No One Wants to Talk About

I bet you can finish this: “If you don’t have anything nice to say…” Such was most every parent’s warning […]

Top Tips for Reaching Out to Media for Business Exposure

Figuring out ways to get cost effective attention for your business can be quite challenging for most small business owners. […]

These 12 Things Will Change Your Business Forever

So many marketers are full of crap. Most HVAC contractors feel ripped off when they think about how much money […]

Were You Looking for This?

 “Why we do what we do” is why I do what I do. My job is to “change behavior.” Should […]

Too Much Experience?

There’s no such thing as too much experience, right? I mean, who would you rather have working on your car […]

Adding Value: Keeping Customers Secure

I recently received a phone call from a concerned homeowner that interested me. “Rodney can you come and test the […]

Customer Retention Fantasyland

Let’s talk about the fantasy world you may have been living in. You know, the one where you provide someone […]

Time to Show Off

With six locations in southern Ohio, Accurate Mechanical signs up for 15 to 20 home shows annually. “We’re in multiple […]

Saying No the Correct Way

Most business professionals face a daily dilemma when serving others.  This challenge occurs more times than we’d care to admit. […]

The X Factor in Your Marketing

Let’s begin by looking at the marketing type that maximizes the hopeful result of branding. Extremely smart marketing types call […]

Why Customers Want to Give You Referrals – and Why They Won’t

There’s no better way to gain customers than through your customers’ referrals.  A customer’s personal recommendation adds strength to your […]

The HVAC Contractors Guide to Google Local Service Ads

In 2014, I wrote a blog post suggesting that Google was quietly transitioning from an advertising business model to an […]

Your #1 Marketing Advantage Should Never Be A Secret

You know how it is. You look back at a marketing idea that worked really well, and all of a […]

Sponsored Content: Eight Tips To Win The Comfort Conversation

Are you talking comfort with your customers? Emerson has 8 tips you can start using right away to start the […]

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