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Top 6 Metrics You Should Be Reviewing To Grow Your Home Services Business

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An attractive and intuitive website is a must for every contractor’s business. And, so is a solid understanding of the metrics behind homepage. Once the website is up and running, contractors need to develop an understanding of web traffic, how to read performance metrics, how to know where their leads come from and what factors drives their engagement. It is also important to understand reasons why a website might begin to lose traffic, leads and engagement. Knowing the figures associated with web traffic and what they mean can help create solid decision-making that will lead to more leads.

Let’s take a look at six metrics and why they are important.

New Users

What Does this mean to your home services business?

Are you growing your new user base? This metric within Google Analytics allows you to see how many first time users are coming to your site within the selected data range. This is important in growing your business to make sure that you are hitting a new audience and you are able to grow your market share.

This is different from users, although users are important you want to see new users coming in each and every month. This will help you identify if you are growing your new customer base.

Why Is it Important:

How much of your business is existing business VS new business? What mix do you want? Understanding this metric will help you to determine if your website reaches the right audience and your marketing efforts bring in a new customer. Everyone wants to reach that new potential customer and understand where that new user is coming from will allow you to push on different advertising channels to bring in the right new customer for your business.


Why does geography matter?

Where is your traffic coming from? Are you getting local traffic or traffic out of your area? With home services business it is extremely important that your traffic is coming from your service area. Looking to see where your traffic is coming from will also help you understand what area is growing and where to focus additional marketing efforts. You want to make sure you have the majority of your traffic coming from your local area.

There will also be traffic outside of your local area, and this can be due to end users behavior and bot traffic.

Why is it Important to your Home Services Business?

If you are spending advertising dollars and it is bringing in traffic from outside of your service area could you be wasting advertising dollars. Those end users will more than likely would not be able to do business with you, because you would not service their area.

If your site is bringing in traffic from outside your area this would be an opportunity to evaluate your landing pages and channels to understand how they found your site. This should be evaluated through all digital efforts to drive the right traffic.

Devices Mobile VS Desktop

Why does the device type matter to your home services business

What device do you use for searching? Customers are using all different devices all throughout the day to do a search. We typically have 2 to 3 devices at our fingertips at any given time. We switch between devices based on what we are looking for.

Looking at how you receive visits to your website through devices will help you identify how your customers interact with your site. You want to give your customers an incredible experience on your site through all devices. You will also be able to see which devices converts best, how much time they are spending on your site per device, and how deep are they going through your site.

What can you learn about your end users experience

Device type will help you learn more about your audience. What device are they using, how can you give a better end user experience. Devices will also allow you to use your advertising dollars wisely. If you are running PPC campaigns and you have the majority of your audience coming through mobile devices and they are converting, you would look to increase bids on mobile. If your desktop user is converting higher than your mobile user, could your mobile experience need improvement. Understanding your end users behavior through devices will help you give a better end user experience, and know where to focus advertising & marketing efforts.

Channels/Traffic Sources

Do you know how your customer gets into your site?

How your customers enter your site tells a lot about your marketing efforts. If you are spending money on any type of digital marketing you want to see that it is paying off. You also want to see if you have brand recognition and people know who you are. Each channel will tell you a story. Each channel should also be working together to help create brand awareness and keep you as the local authority within your space. Understanding how each channel works together will give you a bigger lift in your local area.

Are you tracking different channels?

Tracking channels and sources through all your advertising efforts are important. What channels are you tracking? Organic, PPC, Social, referral, etc. How granular are you getting? Are you UTM wrapping your GMB, display, email marketing, online directories? When you are looking at every channel and how your customer enters your site this will help you understand the who, what, where behavior. This will also help you identify what channel produces the most traffic and is it quality traffic.

You want to be found, and you want to make it easy for that new customer and your existing customers.

Site Content

What does your site content say about you

Your site content should reflect your businesses voice, tone, and authority in your space. Content on your site should be informative, end user friendly, and help your customer be able to make informed decisions. Not all of your site’s content will be read, however the most important part of the content should be at the beginning. Break content up in sections to allow your customer to move through the page.

What content should be written

Questions that you receive from your customers. One of the best ways to attract customers is to answer their questions. “When should I replace my HVAC system?” This is a question that your customer asks the search engines. This is a topic that you want to come back relevant for. If you are able to answer their question and educate them you have provided helpful information and they will see you as authority. Content is king and will also be a large part of your digital marketing.

Goal Completions

What goals are you tracking?

Goals will tell you how your end user is converting. What do you think a conversion is? Conversions – phone call, form fill, chat, newsletter sign up, schedule an appointment, etc. All of these items you are able to set up as goals within Google analytics, providing these are options you have on your website. Goals are important to your business to help you identify how your end user is converting. You can see goals within devices, geography, pages, and what channel your end user converts the best on.

What else can you see from goals?

If you have your goals set up properly, you can see how many touch points your customer takes before they make an action. You can see how all of your channels are working together as we know it takes multiple touch points before your customer makes an action. Are you not giving a specific source credit that it deserves?

Sometimes we look to cancel certain advertising aspects because we can not see the direct conversions taking place, however looking through assisted conversions you can actually see sometimes the first touch usually never gets the credit. Another channel gets the conversion credit. Knowing your data points before changing your strategy, will help you in the long run.

Data will also be the go to for digital marketing. Without data you will not be able to make educated decisions and continue to grow your business in this ever changing environment.

Track NEW vs REPEAT Customers?

NEW customers are the end result of all marketing efforts. You have to know from all the calls and contact forms that come in from the website, which are actually new

bookable service or install leads. Furthermore, you need to track your cost per lead based on that NEW lead number only, not total calls and contact forms. That is a true cost per lead once you scrub out repeat and referral calls and contact forms. Once you know that number, you can strategically scale your business with accurate projections. Then you can CHARGE!!!Kayc

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