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The S doesn’t stand for secret

Have you ever caught yourself pondering, “would a different indoor coil help with dehumidification,” or, “how does airflow affect efficiency?” The capacities and efficiencies that our equipment operates at can be manipulated in multiple ways. Understanding the fundamentals of how equipment functions and where to obtain this information can eliminate potential problems before they can even start.

The Quality Installation (QI) Certificate Adds Value To HVAC Installations

A Residential Service & Installation (RSI) accredited contractor can submit projects to ACCA to obtain a Quality Installation (QI) Certificate. […]

Dehumidification: Get Good

This summer is shaping up to be warm and wet. Your customers may turn down the thermostat, and still feel uncomfortable, or even warm.  […]

Creating Comfort – Part 1

We are the HVAC industry.  We are the creators of indoor comfort.  We know that human comfort is determined by […]

ACCA Weighs In on Proposed I-Code Changes: Get Involved at our April 6 Codes Coffee

This April the International Code Council’s (ICC) Committee Action Hearings (CAHs) will be held “virtually” for the first time.  This […]

ACCA Announces Two Quality Standards Renewed for ANSI Status

The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) announces the reaffirmation of the ACCA 6 QR and ACCA 14 QMref for […]

Carbon Monoxide (CO) – Part 2

How much air is required for complete combustion?  Every cubic foot of natural gas requires 10 cubic feet of air […]

400 CFM Per Ton, Or Is It?

“That system needs 400 CFM per ton!“ Does this rule of thumb sound familiar? Although many contractors may have known about […]

The 411 on A2L Refrigerant Training

A brand new course just hit the ACCA education catalog, A2L Mildly Flammable Refrigerant training. A2L mildly-flammable refrigerants will be […]

How are QA Contractors Prioritized for Sales Leads?

If you have not had a chance to visit the Quality Assured (QA) Contractor Directory located on the ACCA website […]

For Your Safety: Red Flag

It is that time of year again. The time when HVAC professionals identify serious safety faults during maintenance inspections and […]

Carbon Monoxide (CO) Part 1

This is old stuff It’s winter again, and again I feel a need to address the dangers of carbon monoxide.  […]

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