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Can A Workers Comp Claim Hurt the Sale of My Business?

Question: One of my techs injured himself and is out on workers’ compensation and I don’t think the guy is coming back […]


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Does My Company Have to Report Injuries to Our Worker’s Comp Carrier?

A member asked us if you can terminate an employee for falsifying the date that an injury happened. Here is ACCA’s LegalTools Counsel, Brooke Duncan III of Brooke Duncan Law firm’s response.      

Paying Employees For Time Spent on Social Media

Question: If an employee, particularly an hourly paid employee, receives and responds to e-mails and/or texts on his/her time after […]

How Am I Supposed to Handle Compensation for Travel Time?

Question: We pay a flat daily amount of $15 to our techs which we call a “travel fee.” Should this payment […]

How HVAC Contractors Can Handle Third-Party Sexual Harassment

How many times have you had a technician return from a service call and report an uncomfortable interaction with a […]

Can Employers Make Vaccines Mandatory in COVID-19?

Question: Things seem to be calming down some, thank goodness, relating to COVID-19 and the avalanche of guidance and regulations and […]

Independent Contractor VS. Employee

Question: Is it legal to hire someone for 30 days as an independent contractor and then switch them to employee status […]

Hope for the HOMES Act Comes During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As soon as the nation began shutting down in response to the pandemic, America’s energy efficiency workforce – the biggest […]

How to Handle Employees and I-9s

Question: ​​I’m interested in hearing how I should handle employees NOT coming to work their first day with form(s) of […]

Banking Employee Wages for Slow Periods

Question: Sometimes our company is busy; sometimes, not so much. We know we have to pay overtime for hours over […]

Paying Piece Rate/Spiffs/Commissions

Question: Are piece rate/spiffs/commissions permitted to be paid as a bonus once per quarter? Can “incentive pay” be saved up and […]

Paying Technicians for Shoddy Work

Question:  Just wondering, I have a crew that is, I guess average. Normally they do okay. Recently for some reason, […]

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