Category: Legal

Independent Contractor VS. Employee

Question: Is it legal to hire someone for 30 days as an independent contractor and then switch them to employee status […]

Hope for the HOMES Act Comes During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As soon as the nation began shutting down in response to the pandemic, America’s energy efficiency workforce – the biggest […]

How to Handle Employees and I-9s

Question: ​​I’m interested in hearing how I should handle employees NOT coming to work their first day with form(s) of […]

Banking Employee Wages for Slow Periods

Question: Sometimes our company is busy; sometimes, not so much. We know we have to pay overtime for hours over […]

Paying Piece Rate/Spiffs/Commissions

Question: Are piece rate/spiffs/commissions permitted to be paid as a bonus once per quarter? Can “incentive pay” be saved up and […]

Paying Technicians for Shoddy Work

Question:  Just wondering, I have a crew that is, I guess average. Normally they do okay. Recently for some reason, […]

Employees, Vacation, and Overtime Pay

Question: I have a question regarding paying an employee overtime.  Let’s say an employee has 43 hours owed him/her in a […]

How Should I Handle Decreased Productivity With Older Workers?

Question: When you hire an older person, what might happen as their productivity become less? Is it fine to pre-establish […]

Hiring, Firing, and Everything in Between

In today’s world, understanding the law of managing a workforce is vital to avoiding needless legal entanglements. From hiring, to […]

What Procedure Do I Need To Follow To Drug Test An Employee?

Question: We have an employee who is working on a 90-day trial basis. I have a suspicion he might be on […]

When Do I Have To Start Paying Overtime?

Question: Do you have pay your field personnel overtime after 8 hours of work per day? Our current policy is that we […]

Do I Have To Allow An Employee To Return To Work?

Question: We have a service technician who is one of the highest paid employees in the company. He previously was in […]

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