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Radiant System Design

Designing a radiant heating system and installing a radiant heating system are two entirely different processes. Because the transition from […]

Take Control of Wintery Weather with Hydronic Snow and Ice Melting

Snow and ice melt systems can be a great revenue generator. IE3 has the details.

Controls Are a Pain

Chris Allen walks you through a system his team installed and how they got it done right.

Are Your Techs Trained to Troubleshoot “Systems?”

Brian Stack shares how his company built a training room to meet the needs of their technicians.

Is a Geothermal Heat Pump a Renewable Energy Source?

Building Science Expert, Allison Bailes explains why geothermal systems are not renewable options.

Designing for High Temperature Geothermal Systems

Jeff Persons explains how to properly design for high temperature geothermal systems.

What You Need To Know To Succeed In Geothermal Contracting

The geothermal market is good to be a part of and has a lot of opportunity available. IE3 takes a look at what you need to know.

When is Residential Radiant Cooling Right?

Is radiant cooling the right option? REHAU’s Lance MacNevin explains when it is.

Trap Doors and Ghosts

What do trap doors, ghosts, and hydronics all have to do with each other? Steve Wieland explains in his latest article.

Get the Most Out of Hydronics Training

Training is a key factor in success. So, John Barba of Taco, Inc. shares how you can get the most out of your training.

Is Your Wall Hung Boiler Making Steam?

If your customers are complaining about the noise from their new boiler, this article explains how you can help them.

Troubleshooting Headaches – The Return Pipe That Was A Supply

Sometimes what seems like the logic problem, isn’t the problem at all. Dan Foley shares an example of this in his latest article.

Heating Issues – Solving the Client Equation

Contractor Dan Foley shares how to better explain hydronic systems to your customers to reduce confusion and call backs.

Think Of Comfort When Installing Radiant Systems

Sometimes contractors overlook comfort when they are designing radiant systems. Steve Scott has some tips for making sure you don’t leave it out in your designs.

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