Category: Safety

A Recipe for Disaster — Chemical Hazards in the Workplace

Take a minute to evaluate your workplace for chemicals that you use on a regular basis. Even if you use chemicals for your job frequently, […]

Keeping up With Extreme Heat

Last week, members of the House’s Science, Space, and Technology Committee were joined by four witnesses from varying backgrounds for […]

Keeping an Eye Out for Fire Hazards

A workplace fire can be devastating. A fire can destroy property and equipment, but most importantly it can result serious […]

Working In Heat

After a long, gray winter, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the mercury is rising — and rising, and rising. For […]

Evaluate Your Mental State Behind the Wheel

At times, our thoughts can feel like they’re racing faster than the traffic around us while we’re on the road […]

Carbon Monoxide (CO) – Part 2

How much air is required for complete combustion?  Every cubic foot of natural gas requires 10 cubic feet of air […]

Don’t Fall Victim to Ladder Accidents

Ladders are so commonly used by contractors that it is easy to forget the danger they pose. But falls from […]

Free Safety Resources from Federated

Since safety is such a critical part of a successful business, ACCA Corporate Partner, Federated Insurance, offers members free safety […]

How to Ensure the Safety of Your Employees

As a contractor, creating a safe and healthy workplace by establishing safety programs is one of the most important and […]

What’s In Your Forecast?

IT’S EASY to just jump into a vehicle and head toward a destination on a sunny, calm day. But we’re […]

Find Fire Before Fire Finds You

A pile of oily rags; an old power strip; a cigarette discarded in the wrong spot — fire risks can […]

Mobile Device Distraction Is Not Just a Road Problem

Whether on an active construction site, in a fast-paced shop, or in any situation where several activities are taking place […]

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