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Category: Residential Buildings

Rosenberg Indoor Comfort Named ACCA’s 2021 Residential Contractor of the Year

The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) concludes its winter Board of Directors and membership meeting by announcing Rosenberg Indoor Comfort in […]

A Well-Balanced Ownership Team and Happy Customers and Employees Lead to Success for Rosenberg Indoor Comfort

When there is anything a customer may need, customers of Rosenberg Indoor Comfort know that the family-run business is a […]

Building Homes as an Integrated System

In the past, architects, engineers and builders collaborated on residential homebuilding projects without giving much thought to MEP requirements. HVAC […]

Rock Solid Workmanship, Investing in Employees and Superior Customer Service Lead to Success for Missouri Contractor 

Customers who have the foresight to call Hoffmann Brothers for service enjoy the results of superior workmanship and an added bonus. Hot, oven-baked […]

Make Dew Point Your Friend

I’ve been on a bit of a mission for the past several years.  My goal is to get more people […]

Make it Bigger: Selling Quality Home Services

So, here’s a warning tale for my contractor friends: I recently needed a tow truck, so I dialed the number […]

Solving the Difficulties of the Low-Load Home

I found out last month that the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) is working on a new design manual.  […]

How to Air Seal an Attic “Right and Tight” – Part 1

When working to make a home more comfortable and energy efficient, simply adding more fiberglass batts or loose fill fiber […]

Are You Making These Mistakes With Manual J?

When you do a heating and cooling load calculation using ACCA Manual J, it’s important to be as accurate as […]

When Choosing a Heating and/or Cooling System Give Your Customer the Choice to Round Down

When choosing the right size heating and cooling system for your customer, it would be a great practice to give […]

Sizing, Installing, And Maintaining An HVAC System

When installing an HVAC system, calculate heating and cooling loads using a recognized method (ACCA Manual J), and ensure you […]

HVAC Design Is About More Than Equipment Sizing

Many people seem to think HVAC design means you get a load calculation (Manual J in the ACCA protocols) so […]

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