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Federated Insurance Hosts Risk Management Academy

As a benefit of ACCA’s partnership with Federated Insurance, ACCA members are invited to attend their upcoming Risk Management Academy for free! 

Harnessing The Power of Data: How SMBs Can Thrive in the Digital Age

By analyzing data, businesses can glean valuable insights about existing and potential customers, allowing them to refine promotional targeting and personalize customer experiences. Read more from ACCA Corporate Partner ECI ThermoGrid here.

Federated Insurance® Launches Association Member Benefits Page

ACCA Corporate Partner Federated® has created an Association Member Benefits page on their website to provide a helpful overview of what they can offer to help maximize their partnership with us. Learn more here.

Free Webinar: PURON ADVANCE™️ A New Refrigerant for a Better Future

Puron Advance is Carrier’s new refrigerant that will replace Puron in all residential ducted and ductless and light commercial products. Register for this free webinar to learn more here.

Inspiring Inclusion in HVAC: Johnson Controls Celebrates Bold Female Leaders This International Women’s Day

The number of women in the workforce reached a record high in 2023. Yet, the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics reported that only 10% of mechanical engineers and only 2.3% of HVAC mechanics and installers are women. ACCA Corporate Partner Johnson Controls believes a diverse workforce that empowers women is crucial for continued growth.

Adrian Steel Unveils Revolutionary Truck Solutions at Work Truck Show

ACCA Corporate Partner Adrian Steel, a market leader in cargo management solutions for commercial vans, proudly introduced an innovative lineup of truck solutions at this year’s Work Truck Show. Learn more here.

Federated Insurance: Disregarding Safety Instructions

One of our employees is constantly disregarding safety instructions. Are we allowed to discipline him when workers’ compensation is involved? Find out from ACCA Corporate Partner Federated Insurance.

ACCA Partners with Family Business-Centered Bipartisan Groups

In the world of HVACR contracting, where family-owned businesses are the backbone of the industry, ACCA continues to champion the interests of its members by partnering with family-centered organizations aimed at safeguarding the livelihoods of small businesses and advocating for their needs. Read more here.

Section 179 for HVAC: Get Paid Back Now!

Often, HVAC businesses are forced to deduct an asset’s value over several years. However, Section 179 allows you to take the entire depreciation deduction of certain equipment in a single year. Learn more in this blog from ACCA Corporate Partner ECI Thermogrid.

Federated Insurance’s HR Question of the Month: Pay Discussions

One HR employee is talking to non-HR employees in our company about other employees’ pay. Are we allowed to prevent her from sharing other employees’ pay? Find out in this blog post from Federated Insurance.

Customized Fleet Solutions to Drive Your Business

Limited funds and time constraints often pose significant challenges for businesses. Having a partner to manage work vehicles efficiently can help you regain control of your financial resources and time.

5 Benefits of Inventory Management for HVAC Businesses

The HVAC industry is anything but predictable. Steering your business towards success largely hinges on how well-managed your inventory is. In today’s tech-driven era, many contractors are making a wise shift toward automating their inventory management processes. Read more in this blog post.

Reducing Risk and Potential Liability: Exploring PCI Compliance, EMV Technology, and Surcharging

Credit card processing has become essential to modern commerce as the world increasingly embraces digital transactions. To ensure smooth and secure payment experiences, it is important for businesses to understand key concepts and best practices in credit card processing. Learn more in this article from Service First Processing.

Daikin Innovates to Tackle Hidden HVAC Leaks and Environmental Impact

In the ongoing efforts to address the environmental impact of HFCs, there’s a silent issue often overlooked – slow refrigerant leaks in HVAC units. These leaks add to electric bills and contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. Read about how Daikin Comfort Technologies is taking steps to combat this issue.

ACHR’s 2023 Top Women in HVAC

In the male-dominated realm of HVACR, a pressing question hangs in the air: how can the industry bolster female representation? This crucial inquiry demands thoughtful responses and active initiatives. Find out this year’s winners here.

Free Webinar: A Contractor’s Guide to Cold Climate Heat Pumps

As winter approaches, homeowners and contractors are searching for cutting-edge heating solutions that keep indoors warm and reduce utility costs and carbon footprints. Learn more and register for this free webinar!

Fire Prevention with Federated

Fire prevention is an essential topic for business owners, so ACCA Platinum Corporate Partner Federated Insurance® is sharing these three steps to help you begin preventing dangerous, deadly, and avoidable fires.

Transforming Cold Climate Heating: A Look at Midea’s Innovation in Heat Pump Compressors

It is extremely important for those working in the industry to know of and understand the newest, most efficient technology that could potentially decrease their clients’ utility costs and carbon footprint this winter. Read more in this blog from Midea.

Free Webinar: As the Industry Evolves, VRF Technology Continues to Adapt

As VRF technology has become widely adopted across the industry, the product’s flexibility has had to keep up with the changing market demands. Join this free webinar presented by Carrier to learn more.

Carrier Indianapolis Technical Training Center Launched

ACCA Corporate Partner Carrier has announced the opening of a new Technical Training Center. Read more about the 6,000-square-foot training center in this blog.

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