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EPA Proposes One Year Sell-Through for Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems Under AIM Act

Contractors may get another year to sell certain Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems. Last week, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposed a rule that would allow a one-year sell-through period for VRF systems using HFCs with a global warming potential (GWP) of 700 or greater. ACCA is tracking this proposed rule and its potential impact on contractors.


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Treasury Releases Final Rule on Prevailing Wage and Apprenticeship Requirements for 179D, 45L

Changes are coming to prevailing wage and apprenticeship requirements for energy efficiency and clean energy projects.

A Ballot Initiative Preserving Access to Natural Gas? It’s happening in Washington State and you can help get it on the ballot! 

Advances in heat pump technology make electrification a great solution for a growing number of homes and businesses, but going […]

Take Action to Oppose OSHA’s Walkaround Rule, Support H.J.Res. 147

Representative Mary Miller (R-IL) recently introduced H.J.Res. 147, a Congressional Review Act Resolution that would overturn OSHA’s recently finalized Walkaround […]

The Next Generation is Counting on Us to Slow Impact of High Taxes

With 85.5% of air conditioning contractor family businesses having majority or sole ownership by family members the questions of who, […]

DOE Approves First IRA Rebate Program in New York, 11 Other States Apply

In April, the U.S. Department of Energy marked an important milestone by awarding an initial $158 million for New York […]

Corporate Transparency Reporting Regulations Unfairly Target Small Businesses, ACCA Argues

Reporting requirements for businesses in the name of corporate transparency are unfairly targeting small businesses, the Air Conditioning Contractors of […]


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Department of Labor Releases Final Rule on Overtime Threshold for Salaried Employees

On April 23, the Department of Labor released its final rule altering the overtime regulations under the Fair Labor Standards Act. This new rule introduces two-tiered increases to the minimum salary threshold for ‘white collar’ salaried employees. ACCA has been closely monitoring this rule and its impact on contractor members.

West Virginia Treasurer and Congressional Candidate Riley Moore Joins ACCA for Special Town Hall

How are elected leaders and candidates working on sensible changes that foster growth in vocational work? That was the topic of a special virtual town hall event ACCA hosted for members with West Virginia Treasurer and Congressional Candidate Riley Moore on April 2. Read more about this here.

Allied Organizations Go to Bat for Contractors

FRACCA’s board recently spent a day at the Florida Capitol, where they met with 21 senators and representatives from across the state. CAAG is gearing up to fight for two contractor priorities in the coming session. Read more here.

Capitol Insights: New Federal Regulations Affecting Contractors: EPA, OSHA, and DOL

Find out what ACCA has been up to in the government relations realm in this edition of Capitol Insights.

Navigating the Future: Understanding EPA’s HFC Proposed Refrigerant Management and Finalized Technology Transition Rules

The EPA recently introduced two major rules. The HFC Refrigerant Management Rule, still in the proposal stage, and the finalized Technology Transitions Rule were put forward under the AIM Act to reduce the production and consumption of hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) by 85 percent over the next 15 years. Read more here.

Standing Guard for Contractors

Lately, there has been a relentless pace of things coming out of the D.C. Swamp that we all need to keep an eye on because the things we follow and work on aren’t typically going to get as much news coverage as things like the next potential government shutdown. Read more in this article from Barton James.

Your Advocacy Brings a Holiday Miracle – More Time to Install R-410A Equipment!

In response to overwhelming stakeholder feedback, including over 230 letters from ACCA advocates and the lobbying efforts of ACCA and its allies, the EPA has given a one-year reprieve for installation of R-410A equipment! Read more here.

Your Voice Matters: Take Action Before Taking Off for the Holidays

When EPA published its Technology Transition Rule banning the installation of R-410A systems effective January 1, 2025, we were told it was a “final rule” that could not be changed. We didn’t take NO for an answer! Read more here.

Electrification: Changes, Challenges, and Opportunities

Contractors need to be familiar with heat pumps, especially if they haven’t worked with them much in the past. Check out this blog post to learn more about the changes, challenges, and opportunities that come with electrification.

CEO’s Column: It Was a HOT Summer!

Whew, it was a hot summer! I’m sure I don’t have to tell any of you that! Just in case your customers’ concerns were not enough, the national media sure has done a wonderful job reminding the public of the challenges that come along with record heatwaves that almost every one of us has felt by now. Read more in this blog post.

Resource Roundup: The Not-So-Secret ACCA Member Benefits – Third Edition

Have you ever been seeking an ACCA member benefits resource but can’t seem to find what you’re looking for? Are you a new member looking for the bountiful resources available to you? Resource Round-up is here to help.

Father’s Day Filled with Lobbying, Hot Peppers, Fishing, & Family

ACCA President & CEO Barton James visited Galveston, Texas, in June of this year to join Congressman Randy Weber (TX-14), for a fishing event. The Congressman was one of ACCA’s contractor members in his prior life. Read about what Bart learned that weekend in this blog.

ACO News: Allied Contracting Organizations Go to Bat for You

The Inflation Reduction Act’s generous rebates – up to $14,000 per homeowner – will surely attract new competition. These rebates will be implemented differently by each state’s energy office, so the South Carolina Association of Licensed Trades (SCALT) is fighting to give quality contractors a leg up on the competition. Learn more in this blog.

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