Category: Customer Service

Answering Customer IAQ Concerns with Proven Methods

Customers’ interest in cleaner air continues to grow as they become savvier about how and what they breathe impacts their health and daily living.

Customer Service Culture and Management

During onsite client visits, I gain direct access to what happens inside of a service organization. One key phenomenon that […]

Sponsored Content: Maintaining Contracts the Right Way

Does your business offer preventative maintenance contracts to homeowners? A maintenance or service agreement should always be a part of […]

Sponsored Content: 9 Ways To Reduce Customer Hold Times

Having high customer hold times is a lose-lose situation for businesses and their customers. Discover these nine tips that will […]

Cognitive Capture, Mind Drift, and Biases

During my seminars, attendees learn numerous relationship-building skills and one of the most vital skills is listening.  Unfortunately, our smartphones […]

Do Life and Work Skills Begin at Home?

At the start of 2019, I send you my best wishes for much good health, passionate customer relationships and business […]

Working With Customers Who Live In High Crime Areas

Sometimes you have to perform work in a high crime area. Here are some tips for protecting your team members, your tools, and your vehicles.

Customer Education With Soft Skills

During the 1980s, anyone providing one-word career advice probably would have said “computers,” reasoning that high-tech’s pervasive growth into every […]

The Emergence of Fix-It-Yourself Customers will ship a condensing coil and a condensate pump to anyone.  Today’s convenience-oriented customers wants it fast and easy.  […]

Contain Problems By Not Making Them Worse

When customers misbehave, it becomes paramount to focus on and fix “the problem” and not attempt to fix “the customer’s […]

A Simple Script to Handle Customer Complaints

While there isn’t a one-solution-fits-all for dealing with customer complaints, there are some factors that must be considered in any […]

Is Your Company Customer Friendly?

Over the past 29+ years of working within the trades industry I have noticed some pretty profound changes, within individual […]

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