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Technology Spotlight: ServiceTitan

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By Dave Caruso, Fortiva Retail Credit

As contractors increasingly recognize the importance of having a CRM solution built for their unique needs, a home services CRM solution providers are becoming more sophisticated and robust in the solutions they offer. Among the most comprehensive CRM solution in the home improvement industry is ServiceTitan, whose suite of products helps streamline all aspects of running a home service business.

From scheduling and dispatching a maintenance specialist, keeping track of your accounting and payroll to streamlining your marketing, sales and payments processesmodern CRM technology has evolved to support every aspect of managing your home service business. ServiceTitan happens to address all these needs and more in a single integrated system. (see fig. 1) 

This article will look at ServiceTitan’s Mobile application, a tool designed for contractors wanting to leverage their robust CRM out in the field.

In-Home Convenience

By integrating its solutions into a single mobile app, ServiceTitan Mobile provides in-home sales representatives and contractors with a one-stop shop for all the tools needed to serve existing and prospective customers best.

ServiceTitan Mobile provides all the information sales representatives and technicians need to complete an in-home sale or service call. Technicians and sales representatives arrive at a home with all the necessary information about the customer, including prior service history and any required paperwork. The mobile app enables technicians to efficiently provide the customer an estimate with details on available equipment, and the customer can even shop for themselves using ServiceTitan Mobile’s presentation mode, which puts them in the driver’s seat and removes any potential cynicism from the typical sales pitch.

When it comes to processing payment, the app offers convenient solutions to help make things easier for both the customer and your service provider. The tool accepts checks via the device’s camera and processes credit cards via an external swiper. It can even extend consumer credit with a simplified application and an instant approval decision through one of ServiceTitan’s financing partners, such as TURNS Financing Services.

Due to the seamless nature of the integration, service experts and comfort advisers are able to present monthly pricing on all their estimates and simplify the application process for their customers by automatically pre-filling a majority of the loan application, all without having ever to leave our mobile app,” says Ershad Jamil, ServiceTitan’s vice president of platform and financial technology. ServiceTitan provides consumer financing integrations to enable its contractors to close more jobs and increase their average tickets.”

Financing Drives Sales

Beyond merely offering financing, ServiceTitan Mobile streamlines the application process for customers. A partnership with TURNS ensures customers get the best financing solution for their situation by integrating prime and second look financing providers onto a single platform. Second look financing complements prime credit offerings by underwriting many of the customers a prime lender initially declines, which is essential as more than 43 percent of Americans have FICO scores below 700 according to data from These customers may not qualify for financing through a prime provider, yet second look financing can approve many of those initially declined by assessing factors beyond their credit score.

ServiceTitan’s primary and second look financing integrations allow its users to seamlessly apply for second look

financing for all customers without having to fill out a new application from scratch,” Jamil says. “This feature alone has helped contractors significantly increase revenue by securing additional loans and buying power for customers who would otherwise get turned down.

While many of ServiceTitan’s technological innovations dramatically reduce expenses and overhead by making business easier and more efficient, the advanced financing platform drives value and additional revenue. In addition to closing more sales, it simplifies the experience for both the technician and the buyer.

ServiceTitan users have reported up to a 25 percent increase in annual sales revenue after going live with integrated financing, mainly due to the ability to present financing through our mobile app and its ease-of-use,” adds Jamil. One user also reported they were able to quadruple the amount of financing done by their service department.


Technology has transformed the way the most successful HVAC contractors operate their businesses, and state-of-the-art tools at the point-of-sale make selling those services easier. ServiceTitan has gone a step further by bundling all the needed business applications into a single CRM, including full-spectrum financing for enhancing customer satisfaction and driving repeat sales.

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