Category: Technical Tips

Definitive Design: ACCA’s Manual D Revised

Properly designing duct systems will create a better performing system that creates a comfortable environment. Learn about recent changes to Manual D.

ASHRAE’s Radically New 62.2 Standard

ASHRAE made some significant changes to Standard 62.2 2013. Learn what changes you need to be aware of to be in compliance with the updated standard.

National Flood Insurance Program’s R-22 Catch-22

The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) R-22 phase-out and ban on the sale of pre-charged condensing units, and the Department of […]

Manual J Calculations: What and Why?

If you’re installing a heating or cooling system in a single family home, you need to have a Manual J ‘right […]

Managing Airflow In Zoned Applications

This article explains why a bypass duct does not always work as expected. We will learn the importance of creating […]

Proper Management of Waste Mercury Thermostats

You replace a lot of thermostats, but how much consideration do you give towards proper management of the ones that […]

What Are Your Standards?

During ACCA 2013 this February, I was scheduled to make a presentation focused on the revision efforts of the ANSI/ACCA […]

Does Determining Insulation R-Values Make You Sweat?

Have your Manual J8® practitioners ever called you with questions on a home that does not match any construction option […]

A Case Of Commercial Requirements Being Applied In Residential Applications

In 2007, a code change proposal to the International Mechanical Code (IMC) passed the code hearings with little objection (or […]

Creative Solutions For ASHRAE 62.2 Makeup Air Requirements

ACCA members are taking the lead in developing methods that economically meet the ASHRAE 62.2 ventilation requirements for residential applications. […]

Tips from Three ENERGY STAR Raters

ACCA has conducted various interviews with other ENERGY STAR stakeholders in order to offer different perspectives and potential areas for […]

R-22: Contractor Perspectives On The Confusion

R-22. Wasn’t there a phaseout? Yeah, but prices to service existing units have skyrocketed, and then there’s the whole “dry charge” thing. Contractors talk about the refrigerant that won’t go away.

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