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Matt, Do I Package Repairs Together?

In this edition of "HVAC Skill Builder," Matt discusses whether should you package repairs together

Matt, do I package repairs together? Many companies do package repairs together and that way it gives the customer a pretty broad option on selecting something that best meets their budget and it best meets the needs of their air conditioning system. For example, instead of replacing just a capacitor, you can replace the capacitor plus a hard start kit and that's going to go back to the instructions in the OEM guidelines that typically recommend a hard start kit. Also, you may can look into upgrading their filtration system. So, instead of doing just a standard filter, you can add electronic air cleaner plus a UV to best enhance the air quality in their home and that is typically the advantages of packaging repairs and options together.

Matt Akins is the Manager of HVACR Technical Education at ACCA.

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