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Hey Ed, When Do You Use Solvent?

In This Edition of “Hey Ed,” Ed Discusses When to Use Solvent

Hey Ed, when do you use solvent? Solvent. Never, if that can be an option. If you really feel the need for it, there is a path that you can take. I am not aware of any current manufacturer of equipment that recommends solvent, but if I was in a situation where I knew I had bad stuff in the tubing, I've got remnants of an acidic substance, or a burn took place in that system, I would like to use some sort of tool that would cleanse the pipe. A solvent can do that, but I don't know if I'm going to use a solvent by itself. There's a tool out there that used to or might currently go by the name of Pipe Wiper, and I like the idea of shooting this dense foam ball, or what it's actually known as, is a pig through the pipe to clean it. Put a little solvent in there and shoot the pig through it. I can ensure that the inside of that tubing is as clean as it could possibly be. So, I'm not absolutely against solvents but I like the idea of putting something in the pipe that ensures that it is all going to be removed. And that's the way I see it.

In This Edition of “Hey Ed,” Ed Discusses When to Use Solvent

Ed Janowiak

Ed Janowiak is the Manager of HVAC Design Education at ACCA.

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