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WEBINAR: Copeland’s Approach to HVACR Preventative Maintenance

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You’re invite to join ACCA Corporate Partner, Copeland, for an engaging webinar where they will address the most pressing technical questions and challenges faced by HVACR technicians in the field.

On Wednesday, May 29 at 11 AM ET, Copeland’s own Jeff Kukert, senior technical trainer and James Stevenson, senior technical service engineer, will focus on preventative maintenance while sharing practical insights on mitigating common issues encountered during equipment servicing. From navigating refrigerant glide with new formulations to ensuring replacement parts are compatible with A2L refrigerants, they’ll cover essential topics to enhance equipment performance and safety.

Gain valuable tips for servicing equipment effectively, including crucial considerations when handling A2L refrigerants in A1 systems. Additionally, they’ll provide a clear understanding of superheat and subcooling, empowering technicians with the knowledge to optimize system efficiency. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your HVACR maintenance practices with Copeland’s expertise.

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