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Matt, How Do Emerging Technologies in HVAC Systems Impact Installation and Maintenance Practices?

In this edition of "HVAC Skill Builder," Matt discusses how emerging technologies in HVAC systems impact installation and maintenance practices,

How do emerging technologies and HVAC systems impact installation and maintenance practices? One of the biggest benefits with the new technology that’s out right now in the HVAC industry is going to be getting actual readings while you’re at customers house in a fairly short amount of time. Also, it’s going to help you be able to go back and look at the customer’s file to see what happened during the last service visit or the installation. So from my experience, it’s going to be based on having access to information very quickly and then using that information to figure out what’s wrong with the system. Maybe you’re out there to do a maintenance, you want to figure out what is operating at capacity-wise. Maybe you’re the first person out there and that’s an opportune time for you to establish the baseline of how the system is operating. But again, right now with the emerging technology, it’s going to be based on communication, information at your fingertips for you to be able to communicate that to your customers if they’re going to need further repairs or system replacement.

Matt Akins is the Manager of HVACR Technical Education at ACCA.

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