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Elevating HVACR Quality Installations: Insights from Brian Feenie at HVAC School’s 2024 Training Symposium

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The Quality Installation Conundrum

Install it. Test it. Prove it.  

That’s the message Brian Feenie, the Chief Encouragement Officer for ACCA’s QI Certificate program, delivered in a powerful session at the HVAC School’s 2024 HVACR Training Symposium. 

Feenie’s session, titled “The Quality Installation Conundrum” highlighted how easy-to-use tools like ACCA QI certificates and measureQuick use data-driven insights to address customer issues and build trust. Drawing parallels with the auto industry’s emphasis on transparency and consistency, Feenie urged HVACR contractors to embrace similar principles to enhance brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. 

Feenie emphasized how callbacks can harm profitability and stressed the need for standardized processes. ACCA QI certificates, powered by measureQuick and bluetooth connected tools, can provide vital feedback to your team and build customer trust. 

What is measureQuick?
measureQuick provides Vitals Scores, similar to report cards for HVACR systems; these scores offer customers transparent insights into their system’s performance strengths and pinpoints areas for improvement. measureQuick acts as a verification tool for ACCA’s QI certificates, reinforcing the credibility of quality installations and offering confidence and peace of mind for customers.   

What are QI certificates? 
ACCA’s QI certificates are an easy-to-understand document that convey the technical expertise required to comply with the ACCA 5 QI Standards, or a subset of its requirements. If you tried to explain the details of air flow, refrigerant charge, electrical measurements, etc., your customer’s eyes would glaze over. The QI certificate conveys that an objective qualified third-party has evaluated key aspects of the equipment’s operation and your hard work. This confirmation is not easily earned, but it will be greatly valued by your installers, start-up techs… and your customers.  

Feenie challenged HVACR professionals at all levels to exceed customer expectations,  secure a competitive edge by prioritizing quality installations, and embrace innovative approaches to service.  

Looking to raise the bar on service quality and customer trust? By implementing Feenie’s insights and leveraging tools like measureQuick and ACCA QI certificates, HVACR professionals can elevate their service quality, customer trust, and long-term success in a wildly competitive industry landscape. 

Watch the session on the HVAC School’s YouTube channel.  

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