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Workplace Safety

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NFPA will be exempting all outdoor HVAC from NEC GFCI protection until September 2026. Read what this means for the HVAC industry in this blog.

Extreme Heat Exposure Increasing Across the Country

The coming years could bear some intense heat, with temperatures reaching 125 degrees. Read about how to prepare in this blog.

Do You Have Your Employee’s Backs – Literally?

Back injuries are one of the leading causes of work absences and injuries. Read this blog to learn some tips for keeping your employees safe when working.

How Long Do We Need to Accommodate an Injured Employee?

How long do you need to accommodate an injured employee before opening their position up? Read this ACCA blog to find out.

Stay Safe with Federated Insurance’s Safety Downloads!

ACCA membership gives you access to various downloadable safety documents from Federated Insurance. Read this blog to learn more.

HVAC Theft is on the Rise, How Can You Stay Safe?

Theft of HVAC equipment has become more frequent in recent years. Read this blog to discover some tips on keeping your equipment safe and secure.


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Working in the Heat Safely

In the summer, working outside can pose a serious threat. Read this blog to learn how to stay safe and cool when working outside during the summer.

OSHA Increases Inspections for Heat-Related Illness

With heat-related illnesses and injuries increasing, OSHA has been conducting more inspections for heat-related illnesses. Read more in this blog.

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