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Extreme Heat Exposure Increasing Across the Country

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 A new heat model and assessment by the First Street Foundation reports that extreme heat exposure is increasing across the country. The foundation looked at average heat index temperatures on the hottest seven days of the year and found that South Florida and even some of the nation’s northernmost counties won’t escape the effects of the heat.

With July 2022 being the third warmest on record in the U.S., communities should be preparing for more heat waves as the years go by.

More than 8.1 million residents in 50 counties could experience at least one day with a heat index above 125 degrees next year. This number could grow to more than 105 million residents spanning a third of the country by 2053.

Residents in 16 states could see the number of days with their current hottest temperatures more than triple by 2053. This includes a concentrated arc northward from Texas and Louisiana on the Gulf of Mexico, north to Missouri and Illinois, and into western Kentucky and Tennessee.

The five metropolitan areas with the most neighborhoods that could experience extremely dangerous heat days are St. Louis and Kansas City, Missouri; Memphis, Tennessee; Tulsa, Oklahoma; and Chicago, according to First Street’s report.

To read the full USA Today article, click here.


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