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Technical Tips

Indoor Coil Pressure Drop – “Where’s the Heat?”

Last month, we discussed the pressure drop from a filter. This month, it’s all about the pressure drop from an indoor coil. We’ll discuss what it should and shouldn’t be, and most importantly, we’ll talk about going by the book instead of making things up.

Hey Ed, Why Do I Have to Use the Indoor Design Condition 75 Degrees Fahrenheit at 50% Relative Humidity for Summer Cooling?

In this edition of “Hey Ed”, Ed discusses why you have to use the indoor design condition 75 degrees fahrenheit […]

Ready to Prove It?

HVACR professionals know that installing equipment right is an investment that pays dividends, builds their brand, reduces callbacks and warranties, and boosts their bottom line. An ACCA Quality Installation certificate is an easy way to show customers that you are a true HVACR professional.

Hey Ed, What Is the Minimum Velocity in a Duct System?

New Safety Standard for Residential A2L Refrigeration Systems

After several years of development, ASHRAE has published a new safety standard for installation of residential A2L refrigeration systems. Read all about the important requirements for handling A2L leakage risk including leak sensors here.

Hey Ed, Is There a Way to Evaluate the System’s Refrigerant Charge Without Connecting My Gauges?

In this edition of “Hey Ed”, Ed discusses if there is a way to evaluate a system’s refrigerant charge without […]

Hey Ed, What is Oil Slugging?

In this edition of “Hey Ed”, Ed discusses what Oil Slugging is.

Hey Ed, What is Friction Rate?

In this edition of “Hey Ed”, Ed discusses friction rate.

A Quick Reference to Reversing Valve Troubleshooting

A heat pump functions as a typical air conditioning system in the cooling mode—absorbing heat from indoors and rejecting it outdoors. In heating mode, the coils reverse their functions. As electrification continues to gain traction (which means more heat pumps), revisiting reversing valve troubleshooting continues to gain importance.

The Right Filter – Don’t Guess at Pressure Drop

In Manual D®, the duct design process has you fill out a friction rate worksheet. In step two, you are required to record component losses. Filters count as one of those losses. So, are you looking up the pressure drop of the filters you are using? If not, it could be the cause of many systems having insufficient airflow.

Working in the Heat Safely

Summer is in full force, and HVAC field staff are working hard to keep clients cool. Working in the heat comes with its own set of health and safety issues, which is why taking the necessary safety precautions is so important. Continue reading for tips and tricks for working in the heat.

Troubleshooting a Duct System with ACCA’s Duct Slide Rule®

Hot rooms and cold rooms are a real opportunity for your techs because when the issue is fixed, the customer is more comfortable and you’re a hero. To do it right is not easy, but being a hero isn’t easy either.

The Unfair Advantage

ACCA, in collaboration with measureQuick®, will provide technicians with an advantage over the competition by issuing Quality Installation certificates right in the app. measureQuick is the only app that can effortlessly collect measurements from multiple brands of Bluetooth® tools, aggregate the data, diagnose faults, and analyze system performance.

Summer’s On Fire, Yo

Looks like it’s going to be a hot one almost everywhere, (Pacific Northwest…you catch a break this year). Keep your installers and techs safe, and keep an eye on your inventory (in the south, it’s okay to sell out of the low-efficiency equipment, and don’t restock it! Don’t forget regional standards).

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