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Can I Fire An Employee On Worker’s Comp?

Question: I have an employee who fell without a witness. We sent him right to occupational health for treatment. Our policy […]

Preventing Workplace Harassment

Hollywood’s high-profile and highly publicized scandals are having a transformative effect on the country’s attitude toward harassment, and business owners […]

What Is Constructive Dismissal?

In the United States, except for workers employed under collective bargaining agreements or formal employment contracts, employment is generally considered […]

ACCA Statement on Court’s Denial to Review August 2017 HFC Ruling

The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) released the following statement regarding the D.C. Court of Appeals January 26, 2018 […]

Do I Need to Accommodate an Obese Employee Under the ADA?

Question: I’ve been interviewing quite a few technicians for one spot open in my company. One of the candidates has a serious weight problem.  […]

When Do I Have To Pay Overtime?

Question: I pay my employees on a piece rate, in other words, I pay them by the task as opposed to […]

Is It OK To Classify An Employee As An Independent Contractor?

Question: Is it legal to hire someone for 30 days as an independent contractor and then switch them to employee status […]

Can I Make My Employees Pay for Towed Vehicles?

Question: Our employee parked our company van in a no-parking zone and was towed. We had to pay to get our […]

Do I Need to Include Mileage?

Question: Do I need to include an amount for mileage on an employee’s W-2 if the employee is allowed to take […]

Can I Reduce an Employee’s Pay for Mistakes?

Question: Help! I have an employee who continually makes mistakes on the job and it is adding up and costing me […]

Do I Have to Pay Overtime If We Use Flat Rate?

Question: I am inquiring about overtime requirements for Flat Rate Pay (i.e. piece meal).  Is overtime supposed to paid to employees […]

Unemployment Claims: When Are Employers Liable?

Some unemployment claims are clear cut, in favor of either the displaced worker or the employer. Laid off full-time workers […]

Do I Have To Pay Unemployment?

Question: My business is in California, and I need to know how long I have to fire someone before I have […]

What Are My Pregnant Employee’s Rights?

Question: We have a problem that has “blossomed” up at our business.  We hired a dispatcher about a month ago.  When […]

How Long Do We Need to Accommodate An Injured Employee?

e Question: I have an employee who incurred a back strain performing his assigned duties at work – he is […]

Worker Misclassification and Its Consequences

Exempt versus non-exempt? Employee or contractor? You understand employment designations and terminology — or do you? Many common employment-related terms […]

Do I Have to Pay Accrued Vacation Time?

Question: If an employee quits prior to using all of their accrued vacation time, am I required to pay them for […]

We Dropped Under 50 Employees, Does FMLA Still Apply?

Question: Our company recently made some changes, and we no longer have more than 50 employees. How do we handle […]

Do We Need to Notify Our Employees?

Question: We have an employee who was diagnosed with Hepatitis B. Do we have a legal obligation to alert other employees […]

Do I Have To Pay A Salaried Employee For Sick Days?

Question: Can you dock a salaried employee for sick days? Our company doesn’t offer sick leave. Answer: Under U.S. Department of Labor […]

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