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Category: Legal

Paying Piece Rate/Spiffs/Commissions

Question: Are piece rate/spiffs/commissions permitted to be paid as a bonus once per quarter? Can “incentive pay” be saved up and […]

Paying Technicians for Shoddy Work

Question:  Just wondering, I have a crew that is, I guess average. Normally they do okay. Recently for some reason, […]

Employees, Vacation, and Overtime Pay

Question: I have a question regarding paying an employee overtime.  Let’s say an employee has 43 hours owed him/her in a […]

How Should I Handle Decreased Productivity With Older Workers?

Question: When you hire an older person, what might happen as their productivity become less? Is it fine to pre-establish […]

Hiring, Firing, and Everything in Between

In today’s world, understanding the law of managing a workforce is vital to avoiding needless legal entanglements. From hiring, to […]

What Procedure Do I Need To Follow To Drug Test An Employee?

Question: We have an employee who is working on a 90-day trial basis. I have a suspicion he might be on […]

When Do I Have To Start Paying Overtime?

Question: Do you have pay your field personnel overtime after 8 hours of work per day? Our current policy is that we […]

Do I Have To Allow An Employee To Return To Work?

Question: We have a service technician who is one of the highest paid employees in the company. He previously was in […]

Can I Fire An Employee On Worker’s Comp?

Question: I have an employee who fell without a witness. We sent him right to occupational health for treatment. Our policy […]

Preventing Workplace Harassment

Hollywood’s high-profile and highly publicized scandals are having a transformative effect on the country’s attitude toward harassment, and business owners […]

What Is Constructive Dismissal?

In the United States, except for workers employed under collective bargaining agreements or formal employment contracts, employment is generally considered […]

ACCA Statement on Court’s Denial to Review August 2017 HFC Ruling

The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) released the following statement regarding the D.C. Court of Appeals January 26, 2018 […]

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