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Safety First: Encon Mechanical Shares Its Strategies For A Safe Workplace

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Encon Mechanical Corp. in Oceanside, NJ, is one of three companies that received ACCA’s Safety Excellence Award sponsored by Federated Insurance. ACCA interviewed David Indursky, President of Encon Mechanical about what it takes to ensure that their team is safe every day. Here is what he had to say:

Question: Please share what your company does to keep its employees safe while on jobsites.

Indursky: Safety is a CORE value at Encon Mechanical Corp. and providing the safest work place possible is a top priority. We are committed to protecting people and environment and we are constantly working to improve our safety program. All 30+ employees are involved in workplace safety and our experience modification rate is about as low as it can get in our industry.

Question: How do you make sure safety is a top priority in your company culture?

Indursky: Our written safety policy is our guideline for all associates and is explained to them at their new employee orientation. Employees and subcontractors alike receive formal training and tool box talks. We also distribute safety memos, have employees participate in seminars, and provide them with personal protective equipment.

Question: Have you ever had an auto or workers compensation claim?

Indursky: Yes, but not very often. If an accident or incident occurs, we perform an internal investigation to learn from our mistakes and put corrective actions in place to ensure something similar won’t happen again.

Question: Any other tips or suggestions you have for fellow contractors?

Indursky: Inspire a sense of pride in all of your associates by encouraging them to preserve a safe workplace. Keep good records and have a written safety policy. Also, utilize technology to your advantage. Use the many resources your insurer can offer you. In our case, that’s Federated Insurance, and we utilize many of their risk management resources.

ACCA will be opening the application period for the 2016 Safety Excellence Award at ACCA 2016 and the IE3 Expo taking place March 10 – 13 in Charlotte, NC. Make sure you check the ACCA website for the announcement and to apply.

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