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Committee Crunch: In-Person Meetings Create New Opportunities

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ACCA’s committees met in person during ACCA 2023 in New Orleans. Being together in person increased the energy and boosted collaboration among committee members, staff, and guests at the meetings. ACCA members attending ACCA 2023 were welcome to attend these meetings to see what it is like to be part of a committee. Since the end of the event, ACCA has added multiple new members to its current committees. However, we still need your help! 

Micro-Volunteer Opportunities 

One of the programs to come out of the ACCA Member Services Committee stemmed from the request to have ACCA members serve on smaller, short-term working groups or micro-volunteer opportunities. Working groups are not a new idea for ACCA; these new working groups will allow members who want to give back and be more involved with ACCA the chance to work on one specific project with a short commitment timeline of one to three months. We know our members are busy but also want to be involved in their association, so developing micro-volunteer opportunities is an ideal win-win for everyone. 

ACCA Consumer Website 

The first working group/micro-volunteer opportunity is for ACCA’s consumer website. ACCA’s website is often the first place consumers look for an HVACR professional or for information on their heating and cooling system. While there are some resources to help homeowners and business owners, is primarily meant to be a resource for industry professionals. ACCA is developing a new consumer site to help customers find answers while directing them to ACCA member contractors and ACCA Quality Assured (QA) accredited contractors in their local area. 

Would you like to join in helping ACCA develop its consumer website? If so, please email for more information on the project. 

ACCA will have more micro-volunteer opportunities in the near future and will announce them via the ACCA website and this column. 

Apply to Join an ACCA Committee

ACCA’s committees only work if members actively participate in them. We are always looking for great committee members! Click here to apply and give back to your association!

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