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Best Ways to Market Your HVAC Business to Women

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Since women make up nearly 157 million of the overall U.S. population, if you aren’t marketing to your female demographic, you may be missing out on a lot of leads. Think about some of the typical marketing tactics you’ve tried in the past. More than likely, these tactics aren’t really gender-based.

Nielsen estimates that women’s spending power in the U.S. equals between $5 and $15 trillion each year. Not only are many women the decision makers in their own households when it comes to spending, but they often make decisions for those they care for, such as elderly parents, or helping newly independent young adults make buying decisions.

If you want to truly harness the power of this vast market, you’ll need to do more than just hang a few signs around places women congregate. You will need a multi-faceted approach that includes online venues such as Pinterest.

Real World Marketing to Women
The first step in marketing to women is understanding what is important to them. If you have females on your marketing team, they will intrinsically understand what matters to other women. If not, you can still figure it out and give women what they really want.

  • Around 50% of women state they want more environmentally conscious choices when making purchases. Using this statistic, you can easily market the green effect of keeping a unit serviced so it lasts longer.
  • Understand where women get their information in the real world. What local magazines are geared toward women that you might advertise in? Women like information that helps make their lives easier, so you may also want to consider marketing that incorporates helpful articles and tips.
  • 64% of moms ask other moms for advice when making a decision on a product or service. This means it is vital that you keep your customers happy and offer stellar customer service. Doing so is likely to result in referrals.
  • According to Forbes, customer service shouldn’t just be good, but excellent. In “Top 10 Things Everyone Should Know About Women Consumers,”

Bridget Brennan says, “Because women tend to have higher expectations for customer service, when you elevate the customer experience for women, you elevate it for everyone.”

While you should continue to use the advertising that’s worked in the past, try to think up new ways to reach out to female leads. For example, how can you make the busy working mom’s life a little easier with an automated service plan she never has to schedule or worry about again?

Why Pinterest Offers a Social Media Edge
If you’ve been around women for a few minutes, you may have heard them talking about their pins on Pinterest. Whether one is interested in cooking, books, gardening, or crafts, there are “pins” available that offer ideas and links to further content. There is something about the boxed images and content that makes saving and sharing ideas simple and efficient. And, if there is anything women love, it is something that is time efficient.

According to Marketing Land, 92% of the pins made on Pinterest in 2014 were by women. Marketing Land reports that RJMetrics did a study and found that Pinterest’s active users are made up of women by about 80%.

If you wish to reach out to your female customers, Pinterest is an obvious choice for online promotions. However, you can’t just slap any old photo up.

You have to really understand Pinterest and the reasons people share pins.

  • Think about what topics relate to your niche but are helpful to women. For example, most women hate cleaning house, so if a filter reduces dust, then an article on that topic will be interesting to women.
  • Remember that most women are caregivers. So, think about topics that tie into this theme. How to reduce allergens, for kids with allergies would be one example of a topic that women might enjoy. You could also focus on how to help your elderly parent by setting up a regular maintenance schedule.
  • Make sure the topics you share are not spammy and that the photos are big and beautiful. Remember that at first glance all the average Pinterest user sees is a photo and a short description. You have to make every word count.

As with most social media, you’ll need to get involved in groups, repin other people’s interesting content, and build up a community in order to really gain momentum on this social media platform.

Today’s women are a consumer force to be reckoned with. Marketing to women in a world where they make many of the decisions about where to spend money is simply a smart move. You may just wind up with some new leads you otherwise wouldn’t have reached.

Lori Soard

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