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Resource Round-up: The Not-So-Secret ACCA Member Benefits – Fourth Edition

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Have you ever been seeking an ACCA member benefits resource but can’t seem to find what you’re looking for? Are you a new member looking for the bountiful resources available to you? Resource Round-up is here to help! While we will only hit on three of ACCA’s member resources today, know that hundreds are available to you on our website. If you are having trouble finding something, please contact us at 

For this issue, the resources we will highlight are:  

  • ComfortU 
  • Contractor Forum 
  • MIX Groups® 


ACCA knows that our contractors are extremely busy. That is why we created our 24/7 training center, ComfortU! These on-demand, affordable classes are available any time you are, making them incredibly easy to fit into your schedule.  

ComfortU has several training topics available, and the library continues to grow. Some incredible classes available to contractors include Duct Design Basics, Basic Electricity for HVAC Contractors, HVAC for Office and Sales Staff, A2L Refrigerant Training, Light Commercial Design for Quality Installation, and so much more. These courses provide you with BPI, NATE, RESENET, RSES, ICC, or HVAC Excellence credits, assisting you on your journey through continued education. 

As an additional benefit of ACCA membership, Gold Members have access to unlimited free on-demand courses through ComfortU. This allows Gold Members to train their entire team without having to pay for each person individually. Many Gold Members experience great savings over time because of this benefit and find it is one of their most used assets.  

Navigate to ComfortU on our website by visiting the Education and Events drop-down menu and selecting “ComfortU.” 

Contractor Forum

While this is definitely a not-so-secret ACCA member benefit, it still stands to be highlighted! ACCA’s Contractor Forum is a place for ACCA Members to connect with more than 10,000 HVACR professionals from around the country. All logged-in contractor members have access to this forum and are welcome to submit discussion topics at any time! You and your fellow contractors can respond to discussion topics to share industry knowledge without the worry of manufacturers, distributors, or other HVACR industry groups seeing what you have to offer or trying to sell you something.  

Discussions in the Contractor Forum ranged from “When is it warranted to disable equipment because of unsafe conditions?” to “Encapsulated/Non-encapsulated Crawlspaces,” and more! ACCA strongly advises our members to use the Contractor Forum, as it is a great resource to quickly gain the knowledge and expertise you need to run your HVACR business. If you want to check out the Contractor Forum, log in to the ACCA website, navigate to the “Member Services” drop-down on the menu bar, and select “Contractor Forum/Online Groups.” 

MIX Groups®

The ACCA Management Information Exchange (MIX) Group® program is the ultimate venue for contractor-to-contractor networking and information exchange that will help your business succeed. Exclusively for ACCA Contractor members, most ACCA MIX Groups® consist of 8-10 non-competing companies. When ACCA MIX Groups® meet, the goal is to help every company improve through honest and frank counsel from non-competing peers. ACCA MIX Groups® typically meet twice yearly and travel to each participant’s location to review and provide feedback on sales, operations, policies, advertising, staff, strategy, facilities, etc. 

Any ACCA member looking to get involved with an ACCA MIX Group® can visit and complete the company profile form under “How Do I Get Involved?” ACCA also has a special opportunity coming up to get involved in a MIX Group® at ACCA 2024, March 11-14 in Orlando, FL! On Tuesday, March 12th, at 2:30PM, a panel of seasoned MIX Group® members will gather to provide contractors with their experiences of being part of a group. Then, that same night at 6:30PM, unwind over cocktails and hors d’oeuvres at the ACCA MIX Group® MIXer. This is where current MIX participants and candidates seeking to join a group will have the opportunity to meet face-to-face to determine if they are a good match for an attending group. Contact Matt Grizzard at for more information regarding this event.  

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