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ACCA Partners with Family Business-Centered Bipartisan Groups

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In the world of HVACR contracting, where family-owned businesses are the backbone of the industry, the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) continues to champion the interests of its members. Recently, ACCA announced strategic partnerships with two family-centered organizations aimed at safeguarding the livelihoods of small businesses and advocating for their needs.

Research shows the significant role family businesses play in the American economy, with statistics revealing that they account for a majority of private employment, providing 83.3 million jobs, or 59% of the country’s private workforce.

One of ACCA’s latest collaborations is with Family Enterprise USA, an organization dedicated to advancing the interests of small, family-owned enterprises. Family Enterprise USA has been a prominent advocate for the creation, growth, viability, and sustainability of generational family businesses since 2007. By representing and celebrating family-owned enterprises of all sizes, professions, and industries, the organization amplifies the voices of multi-generational employers in Washington, D.C.

Pat Soldano, president of Family Enterprise USA and the Policy and Taxation Group, expressed enthusiasm for ACCA’s support, recognizing the importance of ACCA’s predominantly family-owned membership in advocating for the interests of such businesses. Soldano emphasized the crucial role family-owned businesses play in the economy and the significance of conveying this message to legislative leaders with ACCA’s backing.

ACCA’s commitment to supporting family-owned enterprises extends beyond its partnership with Family Enterprise USA. The organization has long been an advocate for the Family Business Coalition, a collective of over 150 diverse associations working to bridge the gap between legislative decision-makers and family business owners. The coalition’s mission includes monitoring and responding to legislation affecting family businesses, such as advocating for the repeal of death taxes and addressing regulatory burdens that impede business growth.

Sean Robertson, ACCA’s vice president of membership, advocacy, and events, will further strengthen ACCA’s ties with the Family Business Coalition by serving on its advisory board for 2024. This strategic involvement shows ACCA’s dedication to advancing the interests of its members within the legislative landscape.

Barton James, ACCA president and CEO, emphasized the significance of these alliances, noting that family businesses represent the heart of ACCA’s membership. With ACCA’s overarching goal of serving its members and advocating for their interests in regulatory and legislative arenas, these partnerships with like-minded organizations align with ACCA’s mission as the voice of authority on behalf of HVAC contractors.

These partnerships with Family Enterprise USA and the Family Business Coalition will serve to help boost the voices of family-owned businesses and help create policies that back their success and longevity.

For more information, please contact Kate Wessels, ACCA vice president of communications, marketing, and partnerships at or 703-824-8864.

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