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March Print Edition: The Now Generation

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It’s a new day, a new world, a new generation … whatever the cliche you choose, there’s no doubt that the new generation of workers is different from those that came before. But make no mistake: your company’s future success depends on your ability to find and keep younger workers. In the March 2014 issue, we spoke with contractors and experts who tell you what you need to know in order to compete for the modern workforce.

There’s lots more in this issue. What’s the best way to price commercial service? How did We Care get chosen as Residential Contractor of the Year and what can you learn from their award-winning services? How do you explain “home performance” to a cautious consumer? How can you help your dispatchers and customer service reps deal with that “Dreaded Morning Call” from a complaining customer? How can you write a social media policythat protects your company without stifling your participation in this valuable marketing arena?

Answers to those questions and lots more (How do you read a contract? How do you keep politics out of the workplace? Oh, we could go on!) will be found in the March 2014 issue of IE3 Magazine.

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