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Federated Insurance Presents Annual ACCA Super S.T.A.R. Award to Justin Lauten of Total Air & Heat

Federated Insurance® is one of ACCA’s longest-standing Corporate Partners, supporting ACCA for 20 years. One of Federated’s biggest programs with ACCA is the Federated Insurance® ACCA Super S.T.A.R. Award, which was presented to Total Air & Heat’s Justin Lauten this year. Read more about this partnership in this blog post.

Leadership Lessons: Leadership is Influence

If leadership is influence, and it is, then the most direct path to teaching your coworkers how to be of influence is through basic leadership training.  Learn more in this article.

Committee Crunch: Meet ACCA’s New Events Committee Co-Chair, Kane D’Amico

Recently, ACCA named Kane D’Amico, president of Alliance Heating & Air Conditioning in Bridgeport, CT, as the Co-Chair of ACCA’s Events Committee with Ryan Kletz, vice president of Classic Air’s One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning in Virginia Beach, VA. ACCA Now asked D’Amico a few questions about the value of being a member of an ACCA committee. 

Electrification: Changes, Challenges, and Opportunities

Contractors need to be familiar with heat pumps, especially if they haven’t worked with them much in the past. Check out this blog post to learn more about the changes, challenges, and opportunities that come with electrification.

Business Buzz: Who is More Persistent, You or a Squirrel?

Do you have a bird feeder? If so, you have likely noticed those persistent little rodents called squirrels. No matter how many times they are run off, they continue to come back. Now, let’s talk about your business. Read more in this blog post.

CEO’s Column: It Was a HOT Summer!

Whew, it was a hot summer! I’m sure I don’t have to tell any of you that! Just in case your customers’ concerns were not enough, the national media sure has done a wonderful job reminding the public of the challenges that come along with record heatwaves that almost every one of us has felt by now. Read more in this blog post.

Commercial Capital: Leveraging Residential Multi-Zone Heat Pump Technology in Light Commercial Applications to Increase Customer Comfort and Reduce Costs

While heat pumps have existed for years in residential applications, huge strides have been made in the technology, making today’s most cutting-edge models attractive for commercial contractors to offer to facility managers as an alternative to what they have used for years. Read this blog to learn more.

Resource Roundup: The Not-So-Secret ACCA Member Benefits – Third Edition

Have you ever been seeking an ACCA member benefits resource but can’t seem to find what you’re looking for? Are you a new member looking for the bountiful resources available to you? Resource Round-up is here to help.

ACO News: Allied Contracting Organizations Go to Bat for You

The Inflation Reduction Act’s generous rebates – up to $14,000 per homeowner – will surely attract new competition. These rebates will be implemented differently by each state’s energy office, so the South Carolina Association of Licensed Trades (SCALT) is fighting to give quality contractors a leg up on the competition. Learn more in this blog.

Training Tip: It’s Not Just How We Train, It’s How They Learn

Learn about the three most common types of learners found in the workplace in this blog by Chris Crew of the Blue Collar Success Group.

Capitol Insights: Refrigerant Transition Update, ACCA Opposes Troubling Department of Labor Nomination

Check out this blog for updates on the refrigerant transition and ACCA’s opposition of a troubling department of labor nomination.

Gillette Air Conditioning Co. Inc.: Leading the Way in South Texas  

Gillette Air Conditioning Company was named ACCA’s 2023 Commercial Contractor of the Year. The company, which has been in business for 64 years, is a standout in its market area for the processes they have in place that its competition doesn’t. Read more in this article.

CEO’s Column: Stay Ahead of the Competition with Training

It is important that everyone in your business keeps on learning and getting better. One of the best ways to keep learning is to turn to ACCA. We provide some of the best training out there – below are a couple of new training events and resources I want to make sure you know about. 

Tech Tip: Start Me Up

As an HVAC technician, you can increase your earnings by suggesting hard start kits to your clients. These kits are cost-effective and straightforward to install, and they significantly enhance the starting efficiency and dependability of air conditioning and heat pump units. This article will explore the advantages of hard start kits and how they function.

Chairman’s Column: Get to the Next Level!

Hopefully, everyone is really busy this time of the year. Still, even so, I would like to recommend you take time today to register for ACCA’s great upcoming two-day event this fall designed to help you and your key employees rise to the Next Level! Read this blog for more information from Dr. Stephen Pape.

Service Savvy: Hot Summers, Dehydration, and Technicians

What does dehydration and technician behavior have in common? Keep reading.

ACO News: Association Leaders Learn from Peers and IRA Experts at ACCA 2023

The IRA’s $45 billion in tax credits and rebates have the potential to transform the residential HVAC market. But will state energy offices partner with quality contractors for more comprehensive system overhauls? Or will unions hijack these funds to steal away your customers with promises of “free heat pumps” with no attention to quality installation? 

Service Savvy: Tried and True Lifestyle Realities

Every industry has tried and true applications that defy time and circumstance. One of the customer service industry’s tried and true factors involves customer behavior after receiving unsatisfactory service. What is the behavior? Keep reading. 

Capitol Insights: ACCA Fighting for Employers’ Rights

Recently, ACCA has been fighting for our members on two fronts to ensure you are not penalized as business owners and employers. Read more in this edition of Capitol Insights.

ACCA Chair Aims to Enhance HVACR Industry Association

When recruiting new talent, getting the right people in the right positions is essential. Many of the human relations problems we encounter are due to the hiring decisions that we made while hoping things would work out. Read more in this blog by Dr. Pape.

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