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Best of IE3: Pop Up Video

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In the ever-shifting world of digital marketing (for contractors and all businesses), one trend’s upward climb has been pretty astronomical, and it’s definitely not over. I’m talking about video.

For example, in 2013, YouTube crossed the billion-user mark, and its advertising revenues exceeded $5.6 billion — a whopping 51% increase over the prior year.

What’s fueling this increase in video marketing? Well, you are. And so am I, and so are your customers.

To put it simply, we’re watching a lot of online videos. A lot of this video viewing happens on mobile, and the surge in smartphone usage means that we are watching short videos on our phones that are shared with us through Facebook and other social sites.

Now, when I say online video, a lot of people immediately think of stupid pet tricks or “Ain’t nobody got time for that” viral sensations. And sure, those sorts of videos get an awful lot of views. But videos in general — especially instructional, informational videos — can still play a key role in your company’s marketing strategy. They work great for search engine optimization, drawing leads to your site. And when done well, they lend your contracting business a lot of credibility.

You don’t need a million video views, or even 10,000, or even 1000. Sure, maybe we’d all love to have a viral YouTube hit, but the important thing is that the right people view your videos, not how many.

The cost of the right equipment and software has never been lower — and its quality has never been higher. It used to be prohibitively expensive to produce a decent-looking and -sounding video. Now it requires a fraction of the cost, though it does require some time and effort on the part of you and/or your employees (or some money spent on outside expertise) to do it right.

Contractor Jeff Lee was an early adopter of video content marketing in the HVAC industry, and he wrote an article for IE3 offering a few simple tips based on his actual experience as a video-producing contractor. It’s a basic jumping-off point to start thinking about how you can add video to your online marketing  mix. Read it here.

(For more in-depth conversation with Jeff on producing videos, ACCA members can listen to an interview we conducted with him at the ACCA Member Service Center. It’s available here; login required.)

Finally, are any contractors using Vine for their business? Let us know if you are in the comments below, we’d love to see what you’re doing.


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