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IE3 The Week of December 13: Here’s What Happened

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Rev it up! ACCA 2016 is coming up in March and IE3 has a sneak peek at what is taking place March 10 – 13 in Charlotte. Read it.

ME, ME, ME! It’s natural as humans to make everything about ourselves. But is this hurting your marketing efforts? Marketing Guru, Adams Hudson explains why you need to review your marketing to make sure it’s about the most important people…and that’s not you! Read it.

What incentive? You say you want to keep your best employees and grow your business, but does your incentive plan reflect that? Having a strong incentive plan is key to your success. IE3 looks at what you can do to ensure that you are on the right track. Read it.

What’s your limit? Whenever you have to let an employee go it’s tough. It can be worse if the employee makes a wrongful termination claim. IE3’s legal expert, Brooke Duncan, answers a question about wrongful termination claims in his latest legal toolbox. Read it.

More than price. Price only discussions can be frustrating. Thankfully there are ways to avoid them. James Graening shares some tips with IE3 that will help put the price talk out of the main conversation. Read it.

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