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Get Revved Up For ACCA 2016

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ACCA is pulling into Charlotte, NC, March 10 – 13, 2016 for an event that you can’t afford to miss: ACCA 2016 and the IE3: Indoor Environment and Energy Expo. The three and half day event will feature high caliber learning for everyone in a contracting business from the owner and president to the sales managers and services managers and everyone in between.

Can’t Miss MainStages
On the ACCA MainStage, anything can happen, and one thing is guaranteed: a fun, exciting, and enriching experience.
ACCA works hard all year to identify the best “big picture” thinkers and invite them, so that contractors can benefit from hearing the most exciting presenters available anywhere. Then they mix in programs with the top indoor environment industry visionaries, including you, to create a MainStage schedule that will touch you on every level.

Here’s what you can look forward to at ACCA 2016.

Fearless Leadership
You may not understand what it’s like to be in the cockpit of a Mach 2, but you do understand high pressure decision making. So, on March 11, you are not going to want to miss the Opening MainStage, Fearless Leadership with Carey Lohrenz.

Lohrenz is a dynamic communicator with an incredible story. As the first female F-14 Tomcat pilot, she is used to working in fast moving, dynamic environments where inconsistent execution can generate catastrophic results. She understands challenges found in business: markets change, customer needs evolve, and if you do not adapt quickly your company is at risk. During her MainStage, she is going to share how she mastered the fundamentals of winning under pressure, reducing errors, and overcoming obstacles. Her mastery of these fundamentals can help your team triumph in this high-risk, time crunched world.

What’s Your Problem?
Building on open dialogue, the What’s Your Problem? session allows contractors to get answers and ideas from their contracting peers. This fast pace session features a panel of top contractors from all over the country representing the residential and commercial markets, and small and large contractors alike. Got a question about how to do something better in your business? Looking for an idea? Stumped by a challenge? Want to grow your service business? Boost technician morale? Get the answers from the panel and turn your challenges into opportunities.

Building Our Future
One of the most popular events that ACCA puts on is the CEO/Contractor Forum. It is the only program in the entire industry that brings together the chief executives from the top manufacturing companies in an open forum to address contractor issues. This open forum allows contractors to ask manufacturing CEOs their questions directly and get their open and honest responses.

The Big Bang!
Closing out ACCA 2016 is the Big Bang. It’s ACCA’s twist on a Chairman’s Banquet, and it’s not like anything you’ve ever attended before. There will be dazzling entertainment, food and drinks, and some brief presentations to pump you and the entire industry up for success in 2016 and beyond. This is the culmination of three hard days of learning and you won’t want to miss this exciting evening with your new and old friends alike.

First Class Learning Labs
The heart of ACCA 2016 is the learning lab program that the staff developed in conjunction with the ACCA 2016 Faculty. Over three days, attendees will have the opportunity to choose from over 30 learning labs covering: Building Performance; Residential Contracting; Commercial Contracting; Business Operations; Quality Assurance; Leadership; and Radiant and Hydronics.

Here is a sample of learning labs that you can attend:

Keys to Success in Growing Your Business
Robert Wilkos, Roussos Air Conditioning
Contractors want to grow their business and increase their revenue…at least they say they do. The difference between saying you want to do something and it becoming reality is action. During this learning lab Robert is going to explain why so many contracting business have false starts when it coming to growing and the most important things you need to do to make sure you don’t meet the same fate. If you are committed to growth in 2016, this is one session you are not going to want to miss.

10 Things You Need To Know To Run A Successful HVACR Business
Ray Isaac, Isaac Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.
Do you know what it takes to run a successful business? Ray Isaac does and he’s going to share these not-so-secret things with you. During this learning lab he is going to cover the 10 things you must pay attention to in order to be successful, including: your financials; your budget; your marketing; your leadership; your management; and more!

Training to Be the Best
Edward McFarlane, Haller Enterprises, Inc.
Every contractor wants to have the best employees working for them, and with a little effort it’s not that hard of goal to reach. The key to ensuring your team is the best is training them. During this learning lab Edward McFarlane of Haller Enterprises is going to share his company’s training program from start to finish including how they developed their program, what they found that works and what doesn’t, what they require from their team members, and how to properly structure a training session, so that it isn’t just a meeting. He’ll also share how this training program has helped them lower their turn over and made it easier for them to find new employees.

Explaining HP In Customers’ Terms
Hal Smith, Halco
Contractors and technicians know what SEER, AFUE, Cfm, and all the other industry acronyms mean. But the average homeowner is going to look at you like you have two heads if you are rattling off a bunch of technical speak to them. During this learning lab, Hal is going to help you rethink how you share home performance services with your customers, by teaching you how to use simple and easy to understand concepts. He will share how the language his company uses and show you how changing the way they explain home performance to customers has helped them close more sales and increase revenues.

Top Ten Radiant Mistakes
Dan Foley, Foley Mechanical Inc.
Everyone makes mistakes, but wouldn’t it be great if you had a way to lessen them? One of the best ways to do that is to be aware of the most common ones, so that you can watch out for them and avoid them all together. During this learning lab, Dan will lay out the top 10 mistakes the radiant and hydronics contractors makes. He will share what to look for when you are at job sites, so that you can avoid making these mistakes and when you comes across one of them, you can get it fixed quickly.

Service Leadership Day: Legal Toolbox Live!
There are a lot of laws that govern business owners and they can be confusing. But as we know “I didn’t know,” is not a good defense when you get caught now following them. That’s why ACCA is bringing in their legal expert, Brooke Duncan of Adams and Reese LLP to help set the record straight.

During this special 3 hour session, Brooke is going to discuss some of the most confusing, and even burdensome, laws that contractors must follow. Come prepared with your questions, because after he goes over the most commonly “broken” laws by small business owners, he’ll answer your questions. If you’ve ever been confused about any of the legal side of your business, you’re not going to want to miss this special session.

IE3: Indoor Environment and Energy Expo
One of the most popular places to be during ACCA 2016 is the IE3 Expo. This is where you get your chance to meet with some of the top companies in the industry who are ready and willing to help you overcome your toughest challenges. There are over 200 exhibiting companies, so make sure that you plan a course of action by visiting and checking out the expo floorplan.

All New Expert Express
You’re looking for solutions that you can implement immediately when you get back to your company. What if you had the chance to meet with some of the top problem solvers in the industry in private sessions?

This year, we’ve set aside some time for you to get one-on-one advice from some of the hottest consultants.
On March 10, 11, and 12; contractors will get the opportunity to have their questions answered about some of the toughest challenges they face in individual 30-minute meetings with the one of the three consultants participating in the program.

There are a very limited number of appointments each day and they will be scheduled on a first come, first serve basis for full contractor registrants only.

Contractor Victory Party at the NASCAR Hall of Fame
This year, contractors get access to a special night at the NASCAR Hall of Fame on March 11. The Contractor Victory Party at the NASCAR Hall of Fame, presented by Emerson will be an evening of food, drinks, and entertainment in the Great Hall and Glory Road. Glory Road, which has served as one of the most prominent focal points and signature exhibits since the NASCAR Hall of Fame opened in 2010. It encircles the Great Hall and features 18 historic cars that tell the story of NASCAR. The cars reflect the six generations of NASCAR premier series race cars that have been driven and built by some of the sport’s most celebrated drivers, owners, and mechanics.

No additional registration is required for the party, but it is only open to full contractor registrants and social passes.

Don’t Wait To Register
As you can tell there is a lot happening at ACCA 2016 and the IE3 Expo. And this is just a taste of what you can attend. Make sure you check out www.accaconference. com for all the details. This is also where you can register for the event and book your hotel room. Don’t wait too long though, prices go up the closer it gets to the event!

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