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How Your Van Upfit Affects ROI

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No two business are the same and we believe the upfit in their vehicle shouldn’t be either. This is true whether you’re a local business with one van or a national business with thousands of vans moving across the country. The right van upfit can have a significant effect on your bottom line – thousands of dollars per year can be lost on things like damaged inventory, stock outs, and injury claims. Click on the images below to watch some short videos on these problems.


Start your custom upfit today by contacting your Adrian Steel local distributor or national sales representative.

The Value of a Custom Van Upfit

There is a direct correlation between your van upfit and profitability; every second you spend searching through your van is a second you’re not spending on your primary task. Without the proper storage solutions, your chances of running into roadblocks on the job rise. Lost tools? Missing parts to complete a repair? Or maybe that thermostat or fitting was left to roll around in the back of the van and now you’ve found it’s damaged or not safe for installation. All of these are common events that every technician may encounter.

How much time does the tech waste looking for tools, parts or consumables in the van? A few minutes here and there will add up throughout the year. An unnecessary trip back to the shop to replace a part that was damaged in your van can disrupt your entire workday!

Get a head start on maximizing your efficiency by investing in a solution-based upfit from an Adrian Steel Distributor. Our network of distributors design upfits that fit your needs and are focused on your van, your industry and your workflow.

Modern Workers Need Modern Upfits

Currently a lot of upfits are based on past upfits or what you’ve always had installed. In many cases, the upfit is not designed or configured around your needs. Understanding the tools and consumables you carry on a daily basis will allow us to design an upfit that provides real results and ROI.

Let’s face it, nothing stays the same. Technology has driven your business forward. The common parts you used on every job years ago have been replaced by bigger, smaller or completely different ones. Maybe your upfit needs adjusted to accommodate those new tools or equipment. Whatever the change, your  profitability is being disrupted.

These are some of the most common problems we hear.

  • Searching for Items – Having to rummage through the van looking for the right tool or fitting.
  • Stock-outs – Thinking the item was in stock in the van only to find out it is not, requiring you to leave the jobsite to visit a supply house or needing a runner to come to the jobsite.
  • Damaged Goods – Lack of proper storage means loose tools and equipment can easily damage parts you needed to get the job done.

How many times have these affected your ability to get the job done?

An informed upfit designed with a place for everything means you can eliminate time wasted going back and forth to the van for a misplaced part or tool.

How to Get the Best Upfit for Your Business

Want to start boosting productivity and safety with an upfit designed for you? Here is how to get started! With hundreds of expert distributors across North America, and dedicated sales reps for national customers, Adrian Steel has you covered!

The process for customizing your perfect upfit begins with a simple consultation. Tell us about your business, your goals and your needs. From there, we’ll work with you to create a custom upfit with powerful solutions for your business.

Local Business

If you are a small business or regional fleet customer who typically purchases your vehicles from a local automotive dealer or lease management company, we can connect you with our local Adrian Steel distributor. These local experts can customize your work van to get the right upfit designed around your business. Our network encompasses over 250 distributors across North America. To find a local distributor, click here and enter your zip or postal code.

National Business

If you are a national business customer (large/regional fleet) who needs your fleet of vehicles deployed across multiple states, the entire country or across North America, Adrian Steel has a complete line of fleet services designed to take care of you. Meet our Fleet Team!

Hardworking HVAC Upfits

You need products that work as hard as you do. We have HVAC upfit solutions to make your job easier, like tank racks for easy access from the rear or side doors, hooks to hang manifolds, bins for small parts, and ladder racks for step and extension ladders.

Adrian Steel is a proud Corporate Partner of the ACCA and to the thousands of HVAC contractors across the country. Through our collaboration, we expand our knowledge of the needs in the HVAC industry to help provide higher-quality upfits to HVAC professionals

Our Promise to You

Knowledge and expertise to understand your business and create a cargo management solution to meet your business needs.

Speed to respond fast and get you back on the road quickly.

Customer Service to assist you and your business better than anyone in the industry.

Quality distributors and installation experts certified by Adrian Steel to make sure your upfit performs at or above your expectations for the life of your vehicle.

Adrian Steel develops, manufactures, and distributes cargo management and branding solutions for commercial vehicles throughout the USA and Canada. To learn more, visit our website

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