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Tank Storage for HVAC Technicians

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When it comes to work van upfits, HVAC technicians have a unique challenge to overcome: tank storage. Unlike van drivers who simply need to carry tools and parts, tank storage is exceptionally challenging due to heightened safety needs and convenience for loading and unloading.

Adrian Steel worked with veteran HVAC professionals to craft solutions that can streamline your workday and improve efficiency when on and off the jobsite.

Adrian Steel Tank Storage Solutions

Storing tanks in vans isn’t as simple as it may sound. There’s a lot more you can do than just strap a tank upright in your cargo area. You want to avoid common tank storage dilemmas:

Unsafe Storage – Everything in your van needs its place, or else it simply isn’t safe. For tanks containing compressed gasses, it becomes even more important to store them properly. Without the right storage solution, you could be putting yourself or others in danger.

Wasted Storage Space – A basic strap for an upright tank might work for some vocations, but HVAC professionals often travel with several tanks at the ready. Poorly planned tank storage can mean lost space in your van. Extra trips cost extra money, why risk it?

Sprains & Strains – Loading and unloading tanks throughout the day is backbreaking work. It’s made even worse when your storage solution isn’t built to be easy to work with.

These issues are why Adrian Steel focused on creating a solution that excelled at every key metric: safety, efficiency, and accessibility.

EZLoad™® Racks

The EZLoad™ Tank Rack System is built from the ground up to solve accessibility and storage issues that have been frustrating HVAC technicians for years. The EZLoad™ system includes several key features that makes it easier for you to get the job done:

45 Degree Mounting Position – The mounting system for EZLoad™ Tank Racks is built to hold your tanks at a comfortable angle that makes it easier to grab and go.* Unlike vertical storage or 90-degree horizontal racks, our EZLoad™ makes it more natural for you to simply grab a tank, pull it from the rack, and carry it where it needs to go.

Modular Racks – Not every tank is the same, so a perfectly uniform tank rack isn’t what most HVAC technicians need. The EZLoad™ Rack System lets you mix and match, stack, or add additional shelves to be ready for any configuration. Store your 30 – 50 lb. tanks or acetylene tanks without the headaches thanks to the flexibility of our new storage system!

Improved Safety – Adrian Steel knows safety. That’s why the new tank rack system is designed to safely secure and transport anything from freon to CO2, MAPP, or beyond. The cargo straps hold your tanks tight but keep it easy to release and access when you’re ready to unload the tank you need.

See the new EZLoad™ Tank Rack System in action in our latest video.

Venting Cabinets

Venting cabinets are a great storage solution when safety is your paramount focus. Adrian Steel venting cabinets let you remove harmful gases from the inside of your van through a hose that travels to the exterior of the van. This can be helpful for ensuring your van is free of the hazardous gasses you’ll be carrying during your day-to-day work.

Like our EZLoad™ system, our venting cabinets are there for transporting all types of tanks, including freon, CO2, or MAPP tanks. The tanks will be safely strapped and stored behind a latching door.

Because tanks are heavy and awkward to carry, you’ll want those tanks to be near the doors. The Adrian Steel venting cabinets are designed to be positioned near the side or rear doors of your vehicle, letting you access them quickly.

Hardworking HVAC Upfits

You need products that work as hard as you do. We have HVAC upfit solutions to make your job easier, like tank racks for easy access from the rear or side doors, hooks to hang manifolds, bins for small parts, and ladder racks for step and extension ladders.

Adrian Steel is a proud Corporate Partner of the ACCA and to the thousands of HVAC contractors across the country. Through our collaboration, we expand our knowledge of the needs in the HVAC industry to help provide higher quality upfits to HVAC professionals.

Our Promise to You

Knowledge and expertise to understand your business and create a cargo management solution to meet your business needs.

Speed to respond fast and get you back on the road quickly.

Customer Service to assist you and your business better than anyone in the industry.

Quality distributors and installation experts certified by Adrian Steel to make sure your upfit performs at or above your expectations for the life of your vehicle.

Adrian Steel develops, manufactures, and distributes cargo management and branding solutions for commercial vehicles throughout the USA and Canada. To learn more, visit our website

*45 degree mounting angle will not work in a RAM ProMaster or ProMaster City

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