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ACCA MIX Groups® Build Business Value

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When you get involved with a trade organization like ACCA, you typically come in strictly with a perspective solely focused on your own business. But ACCA embraces a much different philosophy that encompasses a bigger picture, with resources to help you round out your understanding of an HVACR business and the industry. 

As Board Chair, we’re continuing to expand our capabilities as a trade organization that supports all different sized companies, even the smallest of ones, instead of only providing “one-size-fits-all” resources. 

One terrific resource for members is the ability to participate in a Management Information Exchange (MIX) Group®. These are close groups of people who agree to work together and share openly about their business. It’s a more intimate way to support each other’s businesses by learning from each other about what works and what doesn’t. 

ACCA has a great new video on the MIX Group page, featuring members who talk about the numerous benefits of networking with colleagues in their MIX Groups. It’s worth checking out! 

Belonging to a MIX Group helps you feel like it’s much more than just “you” – it’s us.  

MIX Groups are comprised of non-competing ACCA contractor members. When MIX Groups meet, the goal is to help every company improve through honest and frank counsel from your non-competing peers. ACCA MIX Groups typically meet twice each year and travel to each participant’s location to review and provide feedback on sales, operations, policies, advertising, staff, strategy, facilities, and more. 

Exclusively for ACCA contractor members, most MIX Groups consist of eight to 10 companies. All participants must be non-competing and must be ACCA members in good standing. 

Among the existing MIX Groups, some consist of residential contractors only, others consist of only commercial contractors, and some are a mixture of both. Most often, MIX Groups are comprised of contractors whose companies are about the same size, based on annual sales volume. 

Besides your annual ACCA National membership dues, the cost of being involved in a MIX Group can vary greatly depending on where participants are located and how often they meet. Expenses can include travel, hotel, meals, social events, and facilitator fees if your group hires someone to facilitate meetings.  

If you’re interested, complete the company profile section at and submit it to Matt Grizzard, ACCA’s director of membership and advocacy. Then your anonymized company profile information will be posted to the ACCA MIX Group Leaders Forum. When a group expresses interest in your candidacy, your full profile will be provided to them. You will be notified by ACCA staff that a group has expressed interest and that someone from the group will contact you. At that point, it will be up to you and the group to determine whether there’s a good fit. 

You are welcome to start your own ACCA MIX Group and recruit ACCA members of any size and profile. The appendix to the document found at includes an ACCA MIX Group Start Up sample document to guide you as you work with other ACCA members to create a group. ACCA staff can provide some assistance in this process. Additionally, ACCA can recommend a facilitator to help get your group started. 

If you have questions about the program and how to become involved, email Matt Grizzard at 

Do you belong to an existing MIX Group and are you looking for a guest speaker for your next meeting? ACCA’s corporate partners are a good resource! They will visit with your group to provide expert advice and guidance, facilitate focus group events, and provide exclusive product demos or thoughts on the future of our industry. Feel free to reach out to Matt Grizzard for more information. 

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