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Delivering Value with ACCA

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Thank you for allowing me to be your chairman for ACCA this year – I can’t wait to delve into enhancing all that the association can offer its members! 

I started out as a member of ACCA years ago when our company’s CEO encouraged all of our team members to get involved in trade organizations. Our company has always been involved in community organizations in the markets we work in, but we realized we also needed to find organizations that fit more with our business model. While our main business is in the construction of larger commercial projects across the US, my service group handles smaller commercial and industrial projects, as well as preventative and on-demand commercial and industrial service. ACCA was the best choice for an association representing HVAC service companies. 

After I joined the association, I met Joe Nichter, a past ACCA chairman who is now retired. Joe became a friend and confidant of mine, and he told me that the more I got involved with the organization, the more benefits I would receive – and the more I personally could offer the organization. That made a lot of sense to me, and I began to sit on committees, and in time I joined the board, with a particular passion for the commercial contractor. 

Over the next year I will discuss the various ways that ACCA is creating additional value for its members. For this magazine issue, I want to feature an exciting new initiative that was just launched at the New Year – ACCA’s tiered membership program, versus the flat rate membership structure we’ve had for years. 

Over the past year, ACCA’s board and staff have sought feedback from contractors on how we can add members, increase member engagement, and deliver more value. A common theme was interest in a more comprehensive membership that ends the frustration of having to take out a credit card for every training or event. I’m excited to take the helm as ACCA acts on this feedback by launching membership tiers that move beyond the one-size-fits-all model of the past six years. 

The enhanced convenience, value, and recognition opportunities of Gold and Silver membership should entice larger companies like mine to make a larger overall investment in ACCA’s mission and add their voice to advocacy efforts in every community where they operate. For as little as $400 per location, they can ensure that every branch has full access to ACCA training, recruiting tools, and governmental representation. 

Amidst growing industry consolidation, this approach ensures ACCA’s independence and fiscal stability while maintaining full access to member benefits for smaller companies that choose to remain at the affordable Bronze tier. 

Contractors that upgrade to Gold or Silver membership will enjoy larger discounts and get half their dues back in ACCA Bucks, good for anything ACCA sells. This includes conferences, in-person and live virtual training, 608 testing, QA accreditation, and hundreds of other products to enhance their business. Members at the Gold tier also get unlimited ComfortU® on-demand training for their entire team at no additional cost. 

If you attend even a single ACCA conference or training each year, you can spend just a little more to upgrade instead and get exclusive discounts and recognition opportunities all year long. Explore your options and upgrade today at This new tiered membership program is going to give members more clarity in their choices, and the value they can receive for each choice. 

As we start the year, I want to give a shout-out to Barton James, ACCA’s President and CEO, as well as all of the staff members who are truly engaged every day in making the organization even better. They are all really making the association a value-added proposition for members. 

I also want to thank Brian Stack, ACCA’s past chair, who remains totally involved and will continue to work with me to make the association bigger and better. 

Everyone is excited – staff members, board directors, committee members – I can hear it in their voices. It’s going to be a great year and we’re going to leverage every opportunity to make ACCA the best that it can be! 

Keith Paton
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