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3 Linking Strategies that Google Wants to See on Your Website

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If Search Engine Optimization (SEO) seems like a confusing process to you, you’re not alone. We get questions about SEO from HVAC contractors on a daily basis. We’ve always known that in addition to basic onsite optimization tactics, “offsite link building” has been proven to be the best way to begin building your internet presence and driving more traffic to your Website. And, now there are new important changes to know about…

For starters, search engines “index” the Web all the time – as often as several times every day. They’re scanning the entire Web and figuring out who has more quality links from credible third party Websites, and using this indicator as one of their tools to figure out how relevant your site is for specific Web searches. Any link to or from a credible Website is more evidence to search engines that your business is, in fact, reputable.

While building links takes time and effort, it is an essential component when it comes to gaining traction with search engines in 2015.

So, here are 3 questions to ask yourself when building links to and from your website. Each one will help you increase your Website’s link network and improve your overall search relevancy:

  1. Do you belong to any organizations or associations, or deal with specific vendors or manufacturers?
    Great! Start there… List each and every affiliation or organization you belong to, as well as any vendors or manufacturers you deal with on your Website. Be sure that they’re not just listed as text, but also linked out to from your site. Then, take it a step further by making sure any profile or business pages you may have with them list your Website URL. Here’s an example of an ACCA member who links out to his affiliations properly:
  2. Do you know other local business owners? (Who like you?!)
    Perfect! Link your Website to theirs and arrange for them to link back to yours. One common example is HVAC businesses that refer clients to businesses in complementary industries, such as electrical or plumbing contractors. Having credible local businesses linking to your site helps you build up your site’s reputation in that local area.
  3. Do you consider yourself an industry expert with a passion for sharing industry knowledge? (The key here is the ‘sharing’ part)
    Start an offsite Blog. (Before you groan out loud, read the last sentence of this section**) Blogging not only gives you a chance to reach your customers on a more personal level, but it also gives you the chance to build links to your Website. Write about topics your readers may be interested in, such as ‘do-it-yourself energy efficiency tips.’ Topics like that will demonstrate your industry expertise, show that you want to help others learn about topics important to your industry, and also drive traffic directly to your Website.

Once you’ve built and consistently maintained an offsite blog, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to link back to your Website and make yourself seem more reputable to search engines. Hint: The service contractors who dominate their local marketplace usually just hire someone to do this for them! It doesn’t cost much and it can be a huge return-on-investment driver.

Search Engine Optimization does not need to be a complicated process. Make sure you’re targeting the right search phrases and building a solid network of links in and out of your Website – then sit back and watch your search rankings improve over time.

Brian Kraff

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