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New Facebook Business Page Layout

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Facebook has once again updated the Business Page layout. So it’s our job to share with the HVAC world the changes that have been made and how to react to them – we don’t want you wasting your busy work hours (or worse, your weekend hours), staring at Facebook trying to figure out how the new layout works.

We’ve compiled a list and of each of the changes you’ll notice on your Business Page. We want to make sure you’re comfortable navigating your updated Facebook Page, so follow the steps below and you will be a pro in no time.

1. Profile Picture
The profile picture is no longer located on top of the cover photo – it’s been moved to the left hand column, along the side of the cover photo.

2. Custom Tabs and Page Features
The custom tabs and Page features, i.e. Videos, Photos, Events, etc. are now located in a list in the left hand column of the Page. Previously they were located directly underneath the cover photo. Additionally, the custom tab icons are located in the right hand column in the ‘Apps’ section. Previously they had been located in the left hand column.

3. Items in the Left Hand Column are Movable
The left hand side bar can be reordered, so that the sections are laid out to your liking. The sections that you can rearrange are as follows: Reviews, Custom Tabs (if applicable on your Page), Likes, Posts, Videos, Events, and Pictures. The only sections that can’t be reordered are the Home and About sections. The order of the sections will be different for all Pages. We recommend using your discretion when rearranging the sections. For example, if you have really good reviews then Reviews should be one of the first sections listed in the left hand column. Use the following instructions to rearrange the sections on your page:

  • In the left hand column, below the sections, click ‘Manage tabs.’ Hover over the upper right hand side of any of the movable sections listed above. A small pencil will appear.
  • Use your mouse to rearrange the sections to your liking.

4. Services Tab
You might notice that your Facebook Page has a Services tab listed in the left hand column. This feature is mostly available for local businesses; however not every local business Facebook Page has the Services feature yet – its appearance on a Page has to do with how the Page has been set up and the keywords associated with the Page. If you do have a Services tab you can add content to it by opening it, clicking ‘Add a Service’ and then entering your service information. This is an excellent place to mention whether you provide residential HVAC services, commercial HVAC services, or both.

5. Reviews, Posts to Page, Page Tips and About Sections
These sections look exactly as they did before they’ve just been moved to a new location. Originally they were in the left hand column and now they’re located in the right hand column.

7. This Week Section
Above the posting area of the Page is an area called, “This Week.” This section includes a brief overview of some Page metrics like Post Reach, Website Clicks, and Book Now. You’ll be redirected to the Insights page once you click on this section.

8. Call to Action Button
The call to action button is larger and has moved from the Facebook cover photo to sitting below the cover photo on the right hand side of the Page.

9. Cover Photo
The cover photo now has a much cleaner look because the profile picture and Page tabs aren’t resting on top of it. This is the perfect time to revamp your cover photo to freshen up your Page a bit. We’d recommend a professional picture of one of your work trucks, or a picture of your entire team in front of the office building.

Facebook is consistently updating and changing just like everything else on the Web. We understand it can be confusing when new updates occur, but we encourage you to keep up with your Facebook Page. Facebook is a useful tool for putting information about your HVAC business in front of your customers.

Brian Kraff

Posted In: Technology

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