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What is Your “Unique Emotional Proposition?”

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I’m sure most of you have heard the phrase “Unique Selling Proposition”. This is basically making it a point to get the customer to understand why you are different from the rest. For example, you may offer a free service call if you don’t show up when promised, or you may offer a life time guarantee in a town where no one else does. I think you get the picture. It is something that is unique to your business.

I’ve been doing some research into why people decide to do business with one company versus another and I’ve came to the conclusion that most buying decisions are made emotionally, rather than logically. For example, I recently saw an ad for an Indian motorcycle that was all charcoal black. It was beautiful and I knew I would look really good riding it. Of course the price was around $20,000 but that was not really an issue because to me it was all about how cool I would look and how awesome it would be to ride it around. No common sense or logic whatsoever. My emotional need surpassed any possible logic. I still haven’t made the purchase but am still seriously considering it. My logical part of brain, she is called “wife” is making me have second thoughts.

Your customers’ buying decisions are also driven by emotion. In most cases they have no idea whether you are technically proficient or know your stuff. However if you look professional, act professional, are friendly and explain things that make sense to them, most likely, you will have them as your customer. Why? Because they like you.

Here are some things you can do to make sure you are targeting customers emotions, rather than logic.

  1. Explain the problems you are solving or improvements you are making that improve their life, goals and dreams.
  2. List the distinctive benefits that your company has that make them want to only call you. (Not the same stupid stuff like we do quality work or offer great service, everyone says that) I want to know what you could do, that will create an emotional connection with that customer.
  3. Define what your promise will be to the customer experience that is not price or product related. For example: We promise to put a smile on every customer’s face!
  4. Create this positive emotional objective not only with customers, but also internally, within your organization.
  5. Decide that everyone will be happy and do whatever it takes to make it happen.
  6. Focus on the experience as a means to measure the success of the business rather than just the financial outcome. (Believe me, you will reap financial rewards once you realize the customer experience is really what matters)

Make this a way of life in your business, not the new idea of the month.

Frank Besednjak

Posted In: Customer Service, Management

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