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Author: Frank Besednjak

Frank Besednjak is a Trainer, Business Coach, and Motivational Speaker. He can be reached at or through his website at

The Value of Leadership Training for Newly Promoted Supervisors

Whenever I visit a new coaching client, I encounter at least one supervisor or manager who has been promoted from […]

Mindfulness and Conscious Awareness

Have you ever been driving and then realize that you have not been paying attention? It happens to everyone. The […]

“Soft Skills” Training – What is That Anyway?

I occasionally get requests asking for “soft skills” training. My next question is usually, “What are you trying to fix, […]

Designing Training Programs That Work

As a Trainer, Business Coach and Entrepreneur for the last 28 years, plus working as a training manager for one […]

How Do I Motivate My Employees?

I get this question more than you can imagine. What can I do to motivate my employees? I truly believe […]

Are You a Procrastinator?

Most of the time, it seems like procrastination leads to nothing but anxiety, disappointment, and shame. So, why do we do […]

The Power of Empowering Employees

Recently I had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, Aspen Creek. I usually have the habit of ordering one […]

The Magic of Asking Questions

A few weeks ago, I was a keynote speaker at a business conference and discussed the topic of leadership in […]

Why Most Training Programs Do Not Work

I regularly get calls from clients asking me to visit them and put on a specific training program. It may […]

Creating A Training Program That Sticks

I recently found out that one of my friends, who happens to be a very successful residential HVAC and plumbing […]

The $99 Tune-up Special! A Dose of Reality

I recently got involved in an online debate about whether “$89-99 Tune-Up Specials” are a good idea or bad idea. […]

Mindfulness and Conscious Awareness

Have you ever been driving for a while then suddenly realize that you have not really paid attention and can’t […]

It’s Time to Review and Plan for the Future

Franks shares some thoughts on assessing your company for 2017.

Managing Millennials In The Workplace

In 2015, Amazon overtook Wal-Mart as the biggest U.S. retailer. Amazon is a unique employer who goes out of their […]

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