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Resolve To Be More Professional

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It’s 2012 and I’m sure everyone has already started to follow through on some of our resolutions, ideas, and objectives that we had meticulously worked on back in the fall or winter of 2011. By now everyone should be getting used to writing 2012 instead of 2011. Or … maybe not.

I remember watching a program on television a few years ago where the guest speaker was discussing the importance of daily exercise. He mentioned that we have to set aside the time to exercise just as we set aside time to eat. I realized that the same applies in my business. It is essential that specifi c time is dedicated to work on projects or resolutions just in the same way that time is set aside to eat lunch or breakfast. It is way too easy to just put off change if we look at the process as an additional task or workload. A determination and priority to make it part of the daily routine must be established and followed through on.

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Frank Besednjak

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