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Tech Tip: Start Me Up

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As an HVAC technician, you can increase your earnings by suggesting hard start kits to your clients. These kits are cost-effective and straightforward to install, and they significantly enhance the starting efficiency and dependability of air conditioning and heat pump units. This makes them an easy sell for technicians. This article will explore the advantages of hard start kits and how they function. Additionally, we will cover how combining different options with these kits can boost the revenue of your business. 

A hard start kit is a device that offers an additional power boost to an air conditioning system during its startup. This supplementary power surge assists the compressor in overcoming the initial inertia experienced by the motor windings. Consequently, it facilitates faster and smoother starts, decreases strain on the compressor, and enhances the system’s overall performance. 

As a result, it enables quicker and more seamless beginnings, alleviates pressure on the compressor, and boosts the system’s overall efficiency. This, in turn, reduces the risk of compressor burnout, enhances startup, and lessens strain on the compressor, among other benefits. 

The internet has transformed how customers buy HVAC parts and equipment by allowing them to compare prices and features across various vendors easily. However, this has made it difficult for HVAC businesses to remain profitable. Therefore, it is important to consider options such as bundling to differentiate yourself from competitors and overcome the challenges of internet price shopping to adapt to this changing market. Implementing a naming convention could be a helpful strategy in this regard. If your client is a candidate for a hard start kit, there are a few ways you could include them in your options. 

First, if you are a Comfort Advisor or Selling Technician, consider including them in selling new equipment. But one tactic that can be employed is bundling the hard-start kit with another accessory, such as a SureSwitch contactor. See below.  

Let the customer know that many of your customers opted to upgrade their new system with an “HVAC Pro Circuit Optimization Kit.” Take the time to educate the customer on the benefits of an “HVAC Pro Circuit Optimization Kit” and how it helped other customers. These benefits include improved startup performance, reduced compressor and electrical components strain, reduced energy consumption, improved equipment reliability, and extended equipment lifespan. 

Second, as a Service Technician or a Maintenance Technician, it is worth recommending the inclusion of hard start kits during maintenance visits or service calls. However, it is essential to note that the manufacturer does not typically require these kits. Still, they are optional items, as shown in the OEM literature. Using this information to demonstrate the manufacturer’s endorsement, you can effectively convey the benefits of hard start kits to your clients and increase the likelihood of selling them. 

Instead of only offering an HSK, it can be bundled with a capacitator will help increase your revenue. Finally, explain to your customer that the “Compressor Starting and Running Energy Management Module Kit” is a smart choice for anyone looking to save money while ensuring that their HVAC system works correctly and can help reduce the frequency and severity of breakdowns.  

These are just two bundled two options into a packaged option/repair. First, the Hard Start Kit & SureSwitch Contactor was named “HVAC Pro Circuit Optimization Kit.” The second option was the Hard Start Kit & Capacitator, “Compressor Starting and Operation Energy Management Module Kit.” Try to create unique and imaginative titles for the combination options you generate. 

By offering bundled options that include a hard start kit, your HVAC company can enjoy a range of benefits, with one notable advantage being the potential for increased revenue through these bundled offerings. By offering these comprehensive packages at a slightly discounted rate compared to individual services, technicians can entice customers to opt for the bundled option, increasing the average ticket value. It’s important for technicians to effectively communicate the advantages of a hard start kit to customers, highlighting its importance and potential cost savings in the long run. This way, they can maximize the impact on their average service and maintenance tickets while providing a valuable service to their customers. 

Recommending a hard start kit in HVAC maintenance and service calls has many benefits. By bundling the kit with other services, technicians can increase revenue and provide customers with comprehensive solutions. This can enhance customer experiences and drive the business forward. 

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