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Customer Service

Service Management System Dynamics

Each summer I invest a week serving as an athletic director at a Pennsylvania church camp. Most of the campers […]

How a “One-Day Contract” Mentality Can Answer a Greater Calling

Why are the some of the most committed and productive individuals at industry leading organizations seemingly not in it for […]

Firing a Customer

Every entrepreneur or small business owner has (or has had) at least one troublesome customer. Maybe the customer complains over […]

Improve your Customer Service by Studying These 5 Fails

IE3 looks at fail customer service mistakes to avoid.

When the Right Person Isn’t Available

It’s a situation many contractors dread: arriving at a customer’s home for a scheduled job to find that the customer […]

Maximizing Customer Comfort on a Budget

IE3 shares tips for helping your customer achieve comfort on a budget.

Spike’s Bar Rescue Get A Magic Touch

Rich Morgan of Magic Touch, share his experience working on a Bar Rescue project.

The Pitfalls of Customer Provided Equipment

Many DIY’ers go to big box stores and purchase equipment and parts — then realize that they’re in over their […]

The Silent Profit Killer Hiding in Your Business

Adams Hudson share how to lose customers with IE3 readers.

When Customers Don’t Pay

IE3 looks at how to handle delinquent customers.

Raising Your Prices (and Keeping Your Clients)

IE3 looks at how to increase your prices without losing customers.

Save Your Company: Don’t “Fall” Into A Seasonal Slowdown

IE3 has tips for avoiding seasonal slowdowns.

Fixing a Botched Job

IE3 looks at how to handle mistakes in customers’ homes.

Modifying Employee Behavior

Frank Besednjak talks about how to change employees’ behavior.

Are you Listening?

Steve Coscia explains what you need to do to really be listening to your clients.

Dealing With a Customer Who Doesn’t Want to Hear No

IE3 looks at when you have to tell your customers no.

Working In Dangerous Homes

IE3 shares tips for working in houses that pose dangers to technicians and sales people.

4 Ways to Handle the Influx of Calls During Summer

IE3 has some tips for handling the uptick in calls during the summer.

Converting Phone Calls Into More Sales

Steve Coscia explains how to get better conversion rates on phone calls.

How to Satisfy the Customer Who Always Complains

IE3 looks at how to handle the customer who always complains.

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