Category: Customer Service

Contain Problems By Not Making Them Worse

When customers misbehave, it becomes paramount to focus on and fix “the problem” and not attempt to fix “the customer’s […]

A Simple Script to Handle Customer Complaints

While there isn’t a one-solution-fits-all for dealing with customer complaints, there are some factors that must be considered in any […]

Is Your Company Customer Friendly?

Over the past 29+ years of working within the trades industry I have noticed some pretty profound changes, within individual […]

The Return Customer

You lost a customer to a competitor. It happens. But now that customer is back and wants to work with […]

Interruptions and Mind Drift

When people think about listening, they assume it is similar to hearing. This is a precarious misconception because it leads […]

Service Management System Dynamics

Each summer I invest a week serving as an athletic director at a Pennsylvania church camp. Most of the campers […]

How a “One-Day Contract” Mentality Can Answer a Greater Calling

Why are the some of the most committed and productive individuals at industry leading organizations seemingly not in it for […]

Firing a Customer

Every entrepreneur or small business owner has (or has had) at least one troublesome customer. Maybe the customer complains over […]

Improve your Customer Service by Studying These 5 Fails

IE3 looks at fail customer service mistakes to avoid.

When the Right Person Isn’t Available

It’s a situation many contractors dread: arriving at a customer’s home for a scheduled job to find that the customer […]

Maximizing Customer Comfort on a Budget

IE3 shares tips for helping your customer achieve comfort on a budget.

Spike’s Bar Rescue Get A Magic Touch

Rich Morgan of Magic Touch, share his experience working on a Bar Rescue project.

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