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Give Your Team the Back Office Tool That Makes Work Easier

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Businesses across the country are scrambling to find and retain great talent, and that goes for HVAC businesses, too. Want a competitive edge in the workforce? Provide the back-office tools that help your employees get work done faster.

Nearly 40 percent of American workers say they’re overworked, and nearly 30 percent say they leave their jobs due to stress. And that stress is caused by everything from too much work to not enough resources to get the job done.

Just like tools on the jobsite, back-office tools can be just as functional – especially when it comes to streamlining menial, time-sucking tasks. A highly functional all-in-one business software system will help your team power through manual work, such as:

  • Maintaining client contacts and communication
  • Scheduling appointments and sending reminders
  • Creating estimates and invoices
  • Requesting payments
  • Sending marketing messages
  • Creating and scheduling social media posts
  • Monitoring and soliciting online reviews
  • Updating business information across listing sites

When you automate these tasks using a centralized, state-of-the-art software platform, you free your team up to do more of the work that brings them joy.

Your younger team members (Millennials and Gen Z) are already digital natives, and utilizing software comes naturally to them. So not only are you making work easier and more streamlined, you’re also giving them the tools they’re most comfortable with in their daily lives.

As you are considering the digital tools that help your team to feel successful, we suggest starting with these three priorities:

Online Appointment Scheduling. By adding appointment scheduling onto your website, your employees no longer have to stop work to answer the phone and juggle the calendar. Additionally, your customers prefer it, too. In fact, the majority say if appointment setting is difficult with your business, they’ll find somewhere else that makes it easier for them.

Digital Estimates, Invoices & Payments. With the right payment processor, you can get paid faster and easier than ever before. Utilize digital estimates and invoices that you can create from your phone, and send email or text message invoices with a few clicks. No need to juggle paper invoices or run to the bank to cash checks. In a recent survey, 71 percent of consumers told us that they plan on using contactless, digital payment options from now on, which is why you need a payment processor to handle it all.

Everything Else – All-in-One. All of these business tools are great, and they’re made even better when consolidated into one centralized dashboard with one log-on. Look for an option that combines customer data with scheduling, invoicing, communication and more to help your employees provide better customer service and feel successful while doing it.

At Thryv, we provide a cost-effective, all-in-one small business software platform that’s built to help HVAC companies streamline operations and grow. Visit us to set up a personalized, no-pressure demo for your business today.


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