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Sponsored Content: Mobile Credit Card Processing Is Transforming HVAC Companies – Don’t Be Left Behind

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HVAC technicians find themselves constantly on-the-go, working hard to fulfill appointments and provide quality service. With each day seeming busier than the last, most successful businesses are looking for ways to save time and money. Mobile credit card processing is taking the HVAC industry to the next level, make sure you are not left behind.

Fortunately the payment industry has come a long way and now there are multiple simple ways to process transactions — one of them being mobile payments. While mobile payments encompass several tools and processes, such as mobile wallets and mobile money transfers, its immediate benefits for HVAC businesses come in the form of fast, convenient and secure credit card processing experienced by field service professionals and their clients alike.

Quality service deserves timely payments, but collecting them can take a while and be hard to track, especially if your business still accepts only checks or cash. Mobile payments allow transactions to be accepted in-shop, on-the-go or online, helping to eliminate paper invoices, close out work orders sooner and get technicians paid quicker.

Here are some other ways mobile credit card processing is transforming HVAC companies.

Real-Time Processing

Timing is everything, especially when it comes to HVAC companies. Generating invoices and waiting for customers to pay them might be a tried-and-true method, but did you know the invoice repayment time lag can be anywhere between 4 and 22 days? This can be problematic when you are dealing with pressings expenses required to keep your own company running. Mobile credit card processing helps speed up the repayment process by letting HVAC professionals accept payments right away, while also managing past transactions from the same device.

Empower Your HVAC Technicians

Another perk of using a mobile credit card processing solution is intuitive inventory management. A mobile payments app on your phone or tablet provides an updated inventory listing, eliminating the need to print price lists or call to check what’s in stock. Each item’s name, SKU, price, tax and quantity can be easily edited and synched across all connected devices, helping HVAC professionals at your company always have the most up-to-date information. Your HVAC technicians will have mobile access to all work orders, service records, equipment history and warranty information while they are in the field. Not to mention the portability mobile payments offer – no more carrying around heavy terminals.

Less Expensive

The cost of using a mobile credit card processing solution is often less expensive than using traditional terminals for processing payments. Not to mention, should you decide to take the leap and go mobile with your HVAC business, you no longer need the terminal back at the office, as you can use your mobile phone or your computer as a virtual terminal.

EMV Savings

We’ve all heard the buzz around EMV over the past few years. Haven’t gotten around to switching just yet? Just another reason to take your HVAC business mobile – mobile EMV chip card readers are often less expensive than a traditional EMV credit card processing terminal and they provide more features as well.

Customized Settings

After capturing a customer’s signature using a mobile payments app, you can email or text them the receipt. Looking for a way to further market your business? This is a great way to collect the email addresses of your customers for future marketing. No internet access? No problem. Another benefit of customized settings with a mobile payments app is swiped or keyed payments can be stored and forwarded at a later time when in offline mode with a mobile payments app.

Supports iOS & Android

No need to worry about choosing a mobile operating system – mobile credit card processing supports both iOS and Android.

Customer Expectations

Customers expect mobile payment options, which most likely means that your competitors may have already fulfilled their wishes. Even if not explicitly true, this assumption should be the method of businesses wishing to stay ahead of the market. Moving to mobile alone has its own benefits, but doing so before your competitors helps cement the perception that your business cares about your customer needs, and has its finger on the pulse of web and technological development.

TransNational Payments specializes in working with HVAC companies across the U.S. and we are always here to supply the best mobile credit card processing for your business. Give your HVAC business and your customers the best experience possible with our merchant services.

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