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Sponsored Content: Now Is the Time to Reconsider How Your HVAC Business Takes Payments

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All business owners have one thing in common – keeping their customers happy. HVAC business owners and technicians are no different. Giving customers the option to pay with credit or debit cards can not only help improve your customer satisfaction, but chances are it will also increase efficiency at the point-of-sale and might even lead to an increased average ticket value. While fixed point-of-sale systems may require upfront investments in hardware and contracts that may not make sense for your HVAC business, mobile payments can empower you to take customer payments using the mobile phone you already own with little to no upfront investment.

Let’s take a closer look at why you should be taking payments via your mobile phone and what to look for in a mobile payment provider: 

Make Life Easier For Your Customers & Your HVAC Technicians

Mobile payments are an increasingly attractive way to pay because they are secure, fast and convenient – and mobile payment use is growing. In fact, according to a study, the total mobile transaction increased by almost 32 percent globally, to USD 1.35 trillion in 2017. And as more people become comfortable with the technology, security features are taking center stage.

Taking payments from your customers via your mobile phone confirms that you understand your customers’ lifestyles and needs and that you’re an innovative business.

It just makes sense to keep your employee happy, right? Mobile credit card processing can put your HVAC technicians ahead of the game by placing all the necessary information related to work orders, service records, warranty and inventory literally in their hands. They can interact with clients on a more knowledgeable and efficient basis, ultimately meaning less paperwork for everyone involved. Meanwhile, managers and supervisors can instead focus on managing job progress and work hours, as well as keeping track of the sale process and the company’s financial performance.

Speed & Convenience For Everyone

Do you know what else your customers love? Saving time. Mobile payments allow you to quickly and securely process credit and debit card payments wherever your business may take you – right then and there. No more having to process and send invoices and most importantly for business owners, no more waiting for payments.

Great news – if you aren’t able to connect to a secure wireless network at the time you need to collect payment, some mobile payment processors, like TransNational Payments, include features that allow you to suspend payment processing until you can find a secure WiFi network.

For many customers in today’s competitive market time is money, so they turn to companies that allow them to save both. Mobile payments help them do exactly that – NFC (near-field communication), EMV and TAP are a few of the quickest forms of payment. According to the Smart Card Alliance, near-field communication (or contactless) payment methods are 63 percent faster than cash and 53 percent faster than using a traditional credit card. That’s fast. Which translates to convenience.

Security & Reliability For You & Your Customers

At the time when even the most reputable companies experience data breaches, it comes as no surprise that security is another element highly desired by your customers. Credit and debit cards can be stolen and cash can be lost- neither are an issue when it comes to mobile payments.

Instead of storing information on devices or servers, mobile payments use tokenization, a process where each transaction is assigned a unique combination of numbers and symbols that are of no use to hackers. By effectively protecting your sensitive data through end-to-end encryption and routine security tests, mobile payments are simply a safe and reliable way to do business in this day and age.

Now we’ve protected your customers, what about you? There are specified guidelines designed to provide the ultimate protection to your business. When you have the support of a mobile payment provider that delivers PCI-compliant processing, like TransNational Payments does, you gain the peace of mind that you can process customer payments when, where and how the customer prefers — and always in a secure environment.

EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa) has been an invaluable asset in fraud prevention, not to mention one of the quickest forms of payments today – payments occurring within seconds. Considering the enormous benefits of security and speed with EMV, it’s very important to adopt this technology into your business. Mobile EMV credit card processing keeps the costs of equipment down as mobile EMV readers are generally less expensive than standard credit card terminals, as they work in conjunction with an app, leveraging the technology you already have.

No Money, No Problem

If a full-blown point-of-sale system just isn’t in the cards for your HVAC business, understandably so as the can cost as much or more than $250 a month, mobile payments might just be the answer. There are other ways to reap the benefits of a full-blown point-of-sale system, for example, use your mobile payments platform along with HubSpot, a free CRM tool for managing contacts and leads. Payment details can be synced into HubSpot using the customer’s email address. You can also use HubSpot to promote your business using their marketing automation.

Mobile payments can provide mutual benefit to customers and the small businesses that leverage them. To provide HVAC businesses with even more payment processing options, companies like TransNational Payments may offer additional services:

Virtual Terminal — a great alternative to a traditional credit card terminal that supports both B2C and B2B payment processing and lets field service companies accept transactions and invoices online from any secure web browser. TransNational Payments offers a mobile product that comes with virtual terminal capabilities through their web portal.

Online Shopping Cart — a perfect option if your location runs an online store that sells HVAC, plumbing or electrical components. A payment gateway helps integrate an online shopping cart with your e-commerce platform, while allowing your point-of-sale system to safely communicate sensitive data.

Recurring Payments — a real time-saver for HVAC businesses that provide scheduled services or simply want to streamline their payment processing. Store customer data and schedule payments with ease at the schedule you decide, letting both your business and your clients maintain better budget control.

The fees you’ll encounter to process mobile payments will vary by payment processing provider, however, some companies offer promotions to help get you started. TransNational Payments is currently offering free mobile readers when you set up for a new merchant account with them.

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