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Join the Issues Smackdown! There’s Still Time to Shape ACCA Priorities!

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ACCA’s Issues Smackdown! The Contractor Town Hall inspired a lively debate among 100+ contractors at ACCA 2023 with about 100 more participating online. Even elected officials got in the mix with video appearances by U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm, Congressman Randy Weber (R-TX), and Congressman Roger Williams (R-TX). 

For a limited time, anyone can watch the recording. ACCA members, there is still time to voice your opinion on ACCA’s policy priorities by April 30. Click here for more info.


The Inflation Reduction Act

What kinds of issues were debated? Take the example of last year’s Inflation Reduction Act: U.S. Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm sent a video statement urging contractors to seize opportunities in the bill, but contractor Cap Wulf of Wulf Brothers in Sturgeon Bay, WI, submitted a video urging contractors to fight to repeal this incentive for electrification, and 28 others shared varied comments on Mentimeter or live at the event. In the end, contractors voted 21 to 8 in favor of “Shape and Promote Effective State Programs” vs. “Endorse a Repeal of the IRA.” Do you agree? Members can watch these videos and weigh in by clicking here for more information.


What Keeps You up at Night?

On the question of what keeps you up at night regarding Refrigerant Transition and Electrification, we kicked off with some good laughs over answers like “being cold” and “Wes.” On the serious side, however, members expressed clear concern about natural gas bans, refrigerant safety, and availability of A2L equipment as 410A phases out. 


On several workforce-related questions, participants showed support for state licensing and certification, but several comments emphasized quality, with one noting: “I support training and professional development but only when it’s meaningful. Many required programs have poor curriculums and require punching the clock for hours, not skills.” A fascinating poll on immigration showed participants evenly split across several options.  


Lightning Round

In between each issue debate, ACCA’s Barton James, president and CEO, and Chris Czarnecki, director of government relations and advocacy, added context and color commentary. They kicked it into high gear with a lightning round that covered about a dozen issues in 15 minutes and inspired even more wide-ranging feedback from the audience. For example, Dawn Curtis of AirTeam in Houston, TX, submitted a video about IRS overreach and added additional comments in person. Members can watch her video submission here.  

Members please join the fight by telling us what matters to you by April 30. Learn more here.


Interested in becoming a member of ACCA? Get connected to your national HVACR community and find out more information about all ACCA has to offer here.

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