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A Roller Coaster of Peer Learning at ACCA 2024 

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Peer Learning at ACCA 2024

On the eve of the ACCA 2024 conference, board and staff members from 14 different state and local Allied Contracting Organizations gathered for a full day of peer learning at the 2024 Association Leadership Workshop. 

Matt Grizzard of ACCA set the tone for the day with a thought-provoking ice breaker: design a theme park attraction specifically for association board and staff members. Responses ran the gamut from a ride to help rotate board roles to an escape room as a venue for association events.  

In fact, the latter inspired the Association Leadership Workshop at ACCA 2025 as Austin’s Kalahari Resort has an onsite escape room! The group discussed a possible event there next year… stay tuned for more details.  

Attendees of the 2024 Association Leadership workshop reviewed videos from possible 2025 facilitators – Mary Byers and Ed Rigsbee – both of whom are well known for their board-staff training programs. Thus far, however, ACO survey responses suggest a preference for less structured peer-led panels and discussions.

The 2024 workshop did have some structured discussion around apprenticeship programs, association events, and the Inflation Reduction Act, but there was also plenty of time for free exchange. It was particularly eye opening to hear about the policy challenges faced in California and Massachusetts and the extent of the expertise and relationships that IHACI and ACA/NE have developed in response.  

The final hour of the workshop was an open meeting of ACCA’s Engage ACO Network Subcommittee, which is tasked with executing an initiative under ACCA’s new strategic plan. Members of ACCA’s Board of Directors and Membership Committee joined a discussion of goals and budgetary needs for closer ACCA-ACO cooperation going forward. Stu Ellert of the Metropolitan Air Conditioning Contractors of New York (MACC) volunteered to join the subcommittee and other volunteers are welcome to participate. Contact Sean Robertson at if you’re interested in volunteering for this opportunity.

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