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IE3 The Week Of March 23: Here’s What Happened

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Miss any of our stories last week? Here’s your chance to catch up:

A little simple math: Even if math isn’t your strong point, it’s not hard to add up the 23-plus new rulemakings that are in the works within various regulatory agencies that could affect contractors. Check out what you should be watching out for in that 23 regulation tally. Read it.

Before coffee complaints: We’ve all dealt with them, the angry customer who demands answers immediately. But how we deal with those customers is what really matters. Read it.

 Keep The Politics Out: Losing business over your political views is just not worth it! Keep the politics out of your business to keep it thriving. Read it.

Contracts don’t have to be hard: Agreements between the various parties for a job can be the difference between success and failure. While contracts in the past were could be complicated and one-sided, there are now resources that can simplify them for everyone. Learn how.

There is no I in team: Safety on the job site is important and is everyone’s job. Federated Insurance has some tips to staying safe by working as a team. Read it.

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